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How to Write SEO-Friendly Attention Grabbing Titles

There is a lot more to SEO than keywords. SEO is also about how to make your hard work stand out and look good to your audience. The point is to get found and once found, for the audience to consume your content. If you work on your attention grabbing titles, you’ll make a lot more headway.

Tips for Creating Attention Grabbing Titles:

Keep Them Short – You only have so much space for the entire title to show up in search results. Therefore, don’t use more space than you need so that the complete title shows up for your customers when they’re searching for you.

Use Keywords – Your keywords are  really important to use in your titles. Google does use these keywords to send results to their users. The best way to do this is to try to have the keywords within the first three words of the title.

Consider Using Location – If your business is location dependent, you want to mention your location where you can. If you can bring it into a title that’s even better; you’ll garner a lot of the local search customers because Google often sends users local searches first.

Think of Where the Title Will Show Up – If this is the title of your whole page and not just an article, think of how your search result shows up for your entire website. A great way to make your title is to consider using the keywords, then your business name, then the location (if relevant), so that all that shows up in the search result.

Don’t Try to Be Tricky – Titles aren’t the time to try to be too clever. Yes, a lot of online magazines and newspapers do this. But in all honesty this is not working for them as much as they might think. The main reason it’s not working long term is that they’re making their audience angry.

Use Vertical Bars – Some people call it a pipe (|), and it’s located over the top of the backslash on most keyboards. This is a good symbol to use to separate words in a title as it’s not a sign to stop for search engines. Plus, it looks good to the eye.

Consider Your Audience – What is your audience looking for? If you can answer that, you’ll not only get more content ideas, but you’ll also be able to put the right words in the title so that your audience wants to click on it to read more. And, they won’t experience disappointment that they did so.

Use Numbers – If your content has a particular number of points, adding numbers to the title is helpful – not only for search engines but also for your audience to get curious enough to want to click through to find out more.

Writing SEO friendly, attention grabbing titles really doesn’t take too much work. After all, you’ve created content that your audience wants to read; all you have to do is ensure that they can find it by using the right words in the title that will get their attention.

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