Why Your Website is Your Best Digital Asset

websiteNo matter what people think, the website is still your most important digital asset when it comes to digital marketing. In fact, it is the center of your entire online marketing endeavor. Everything you do should seek to send people straight back to your site, and then on to an email list.

So Why is Your Website So Important?

1. Social Media Can Be Gone Tomorrow – It’s not likely, but any one social media account could change drastically when you wake up in the morning. It can go from free to paid, it can also change the rules, and so much more can happen. All the hard work you put into building up that social media network with content and engagement could be all for nothing tomorrow.  Social media marketing has great value to you as a business owner, but it cannot take the place of a website.

2. You Own It – If you have a self-hosted website (whether it’s built with WordPress platform or another builder), as long as it’s self-hosted on a server you rent, you can move it and use it how you want to without interference or worry from someone else telling you what to do. Even if you lose all social media accounts tomorrow, your website will still be there.

3. It’s a Destination – You’re really expected to have a website today if you have a business. If you send people to a Facebook page instead, they will not see it in the same way as they do a real website that represents your business, and only your business, without distraction. You can use the website to direct people to other media, but your website is first and foremost your storefront.

4. Everything Leads Back to It – Everything you put out there on the web, on social media, in brochures, on your business card, books, games, apps, guest blog posts, bookmarks, and other marketing collateral all lead right to your website because that will never change. Your website will always be your website.  It’s the one constant in a marketing world with many moving parts.

5. You Control It – When you own something, you control it. You can update it, change it, move it, and do whatever you want with it. When you use builders like GoDaddy, Website Builder, or native builders that can’t be moved, you’re trapped in that space, and rebuilding is harder to do. You can have as many features, email addresses, sales pages, and anything else you want to use if you control it, and it’s not hard to do.

6. They’re Inexpensive – Having your own website is not expensive. You can buy a domain name for less than 15 dollars a year, and hosting can cost less than 10 dollars a month. The only expense left is having someone build your site if you don’t want to do it yourself. But, with self-hosted WordPress, you can easily find someone for less than 1000 dollars to build it, or you can even pick a theme and give it a go on your own. It’s not  that hard – so at least give it a try. (Hint: If you can use one of the native builders, you can use self-hosted WordPress.)

7. It’s Your Brand – When you own your own website, you can brand it how you want to. You don’t have to leave any “built by” notes up, or notifications about your hosting company, or anything. You own it, which means that  it carries your branding. It’s really that simple.

8. Customers Judge You – If you don’t own your own website and use a builder, or if you try to pass off a social media site as your destination, people will judge you. They won’t view you as a serious business owner, and they will not want to work with you. Instead, put your efforts into creating the best website you can within your budget, and customers will respect you as a business owner.

Owning your own website in order to market digitally to your clients is imperative in today’s online marketing world. Without it, you’ll be wasting a lot of time and money on building up someone else’s empire. Why not build your own?

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