Why You Need to Keep Your Website Updated

You keep seeing things that say you need to update your website, but you don’t know why. It’s a perfectly good website. You put it together not so many years ago. Porting it over seems to take so much time and effort. Why do you need to keep your website updated?

Create New Content to Consume

The most obvious reason is that your website needs reasons for folks to come back to it. The most important reason for clients and customers to return again and again is if there is fresh and updated content. Whether it’s the best and freshest products, or the newest advice, new info is important. Newer information and blog updates will help encourage your customers to keep returning to see what you have to offer.

Make it Easier to Navigate

Clunky, older format websites can be tricky to navigate. Frankly, everyone has at some point been on a website where it’s complicated and annoying, both to design and to use. When your customers reach such a website, they are less likely to spend time upon it. And you want those eyes to not only come to your site, but to stay there, and shop! It’s important to keep people at your website, because those times create extra amounts of income for you!

Increase Speeds

You want your site to run as quickly as possible, and, unfortunately, that isn’t really possible unless you have an upgrade. If the pages on your website load slowly, it increases frustration in potential customers. Frustrated customers go to other places, and that’s not your goal! You want them to see beautiful things, as quickly as possible, so that they want to peruse your site at leisure, with their eyes easily going from page to page. Older code simply doesn’t do this anymore. And that’s ok. It’s normal to need to update code every three to four years, in order to keep things moving quickly as the internet changes.

Keep it Secure

Using the right software can protect your website from IT threats. From gibberish hacks to ransomware, there are more threats than usual online. You don’t want phishers to contact your clients, either, pretending to be you and requesting card numbers. It’s critical to keep your client and customer information protected, and unless you’re updated with the latest cyber security on your website, there’s just no way to be able to do that. Thankfully, there are cyber security specialists who can make sure your security is continually up to date.

Higher SEO

Search engines depend upon new content to rank websites. If your website is not often updated, and less likely to be viewed, they rank you further down in the findings. This continues to be a problem because you want your website seen by more people, and if they search key terms which should include your site, instead, they will reach your competitors! Updating your site frequently means you’re ranking more highly, and that you can be seen before others, which is what you want to happen.

You’re Not Getting the Right Clients

If you have an ideal demographic, you need to be able to reach that specific group of individuals. Without having a website which is appealing to that demographic, it’s not possible to do so! Your site needs to be up to date with the newest trends, from colors used to products sourced to be sold. You have to have the correct features that they are looking for as well. Having a website designer who is tuned into modern trends for graphics and videos is especially important.

Evolving Technology

The whole of the internet is always changing and shifting, evolving all the time. Your customers are much less likely to be seeing your website on a large desktop computer, or a laptop. They are far more likely to be using a tablet or a mobile phone to access your site, and this means a completely different format. You don’t want any part of your website to be difficult to use, hard to scroll down, or, more frustratingly, have to carefully magnify tiny products on your page. You want easy scrolling and simple functionality, and to work with evolving tech, you have to adopt it and adapt with it.

Bounce Rate Decrease

It takes all of the above to decrease what is known as your bounce rate. This means the rate at which somebody comes to your front page and leaves before going to a second or third page. In short, you don’t only want eyes to arrive at your page, but to keep them there as long as possible. Every time a potential client arrives but doesn’t stay to look at more pages on your site, you are losing money. You want your bounce rate decreasing, because it doesn’t matter how many people come to your page if they are leaving before they can look at all your services and goods.


Think of your webpage as a storeroom, or as a wardrobe. Consider that those things which were really trendy in 2001, or 2005, weren’t at all on trend to wear or buy in 2010 or 2015. Especially coming out of a pandemic, it’s obvious that many people are thrilled to put behind themselves the trends of the past. Having your website freshened up is like repainting and freshening your storefront to make it be on trend. In a storefront, you want customers to be able to walk around easily, and to feel comfortable while they are there. You want them to move through things quickly and easily, to see all that you have to offer. 


There’s no difference in an online storefront, where you need to be able to guide customers through your website easily and see what you have to offer. Being on trend with a fresh site, updating visuals and graphics, and having on-trend colors will help you to keep those customers from bouncing off, and retain not only their attention, but their business as well.

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