Why Writing is the Cornerstone of a Marketing Strategy

Writing is perhaps one of the most underrated tools in the business world. Most people simply don’t understand the impact that writing has on them. When it comes to marketing, writing is exceptionally powerful. How you write can greatly determine the impact that your business has on potential customers.

Good Writing Communicates Brand Identity

Your brand is trying to communicate something to your customers. That communication needs to come across clearly and that requires excellent writing. The average individual doesn’t know or care about the nuances involved in writing. However, they are still affected by it. For example, you can communicate the same message through active or passive language. Most people can’t tell you what the difference between active and passive language is. However, they can tell a difference between how they feel when they read active and passive language. These sorts of things need to be considered so that you can ensure that you are making an impactful brand statement in all your writing.

Attract More Clicks

Only 20% of customers will open the emails you send them. People are more likely to click when a headline or subject line is interesting. Such an engaging headline is going to require an understanding of how to use writing to hook a customer’s attention.  Once you’ve achieved a click on an email or web advertisement, the quality writing becomes even more important. People only click when their interest is piqued. If you can’t continue their interest further and/or answer their curiosities, they will become disillusioned. You will have lost your opportunity for a customer acquisition and this same customer will be even harder to convert in the future.


SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is a marketing strategy that focuses on organically increasing your website’s ranking on search results as opposed to simply paying the search engine for a higher ranking. To organically increase your ranking, you need to have a lot of written content on your website that addresses subjects related to your customers queries. It’s important that this content be well-written because it can often be what draws customers to your site. If it is poorly written, you could risk giving a bad first impression and in today’s business world that is usually all you get.

Clearly you can’t run an effective marketing campaign without quality writing. So how do you improve? The key is to practice. If you don’t have time to be the writer for your company, you may want to hire a professional writer to oversee your content. As you focus on improving your company’s written presence, you will be surprised at the changes you begin to see.

We can help you to develop a marketing strategy that helps your business to grow the way you want it to. Start by scheduling a call with us!

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