Let us create a great first impression
that will not only make you proud, but also keep bringing you new business leads!

Your website has to be at the heart of your marketing strategy today. All traffic should drive through it, and it should generate new business opportunities. If it doesn't, seek help...immediately!

Neil Richmund

8 Ways a Website Redesign
Will Benefit Your Business:


More Trust from
Search Engines

Why this helps: Within the last few years, Google’s algorithms have been updated to focus more on content, and especially updated content.


More Trust from Customers

By creating an updated design that brings your website into the current age your customers will take you more seriously, and your website will accurately represent your business.



Responsive websites allow for your site to be automatically resized to fit screens of any size, no matter what device it’s being viewed on. By making it easy and convenient to browse your site, you’ll be sure to hook customers.


Improved User

A redesigned, re-arranged, simplified website makes it more user-friendly to the visitors that matter most – humans.


Increased Social

Shareable content with social sharing buttons give your site visitors an easy way to spread the word about you.


Faster Load

An updated design and server means your site will load faster – that will keep your visitors happy as well as the search engines.



An SSL certificate encrypts the data sent from your domain to the users’ screens, making it less likely to be hacked - and providing peace of mind for your customers.



When you get down to it, a website redesign is all about a) getting in front of the right customers, b) drawing them in, c) getting them to stay, and d) turning them into fans who spread the word about you.

The Jumpstart Website Package

What's Inside?

The Jumpstart package is tailor-made for those who need to update their online presence, and  who’d like a website focused on capturing leads. By combining fantastic personal branding, the WordPress site is 100% mobile friendly, SEO-optimized, & a beautiful basic website. It’s just as easy to use for the creator as the viewer. Send us the necessary information (or we can even grab existing content and brush it up a bit), and we will add it to the site to not only look beautiful, but perform beautifully as well. This package makes it easy to look pro on all devices, from the largest computer monitor to all sizes of tablets and handheld devices.


  • Wordpress site with a Premium theme
  • We will make sure your content is conversion focused
  • Optimizing your website for relevant, traffic-rich keywords
  • Design based on your branding, colors, functionality requirements, and best usability practices
  • Google Analytics installed - to get detailed website traffic analysis
  • Lead generation form & Social Media integration on every page
  • Up to 7 web pages of website content included
  • Website forms - contact submission
  • 1 year of dedicated WordPress hosting
  • Automatic, remote backup of site everyday
  • Training to make updates to your site

We Do It

Two-Time Payment Option

$797 $397 per month
(save 50%)

Standard Delivery (3-4 Weeks)

We Teach You

4 Time Payment Option

$398 $199 per month

(save 50%)

We will:

  • Set up your site.
  • Give you step by step directions
    to complete it.
  • Schedule 4 x 30-minute coaching calls to answer questions or solve issues.

We Do It

One-Time Payment Option

  • $1494 $747 One Time
  • (save 50%)

Priority Delivery (2-3 weeks)

Offer Expires...


Don’t think of a website redesign as simply “making my site look different.” Think of it as a tool to help your business get to where it needs to be. You tell us where you want to be, and we’ll help you get there. It’ll be worth the investment; we promise.

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