Especially designed for ALL levels of experience-even students with NO EXPERIENCE AT ALL!

Wouldn't you love to create an effective new website that looks clean and professional?
—And how about doing it fast, affordably, and with 1-on-1 help?

The Website 101  Workshop

Build a great website from the ground up - even with no experience!

In the last 8+ years I've helped hundreds of website owners and mangers create the website they were only dreaming of having, so  I'd love to teach you how to do it as well so you can quickly have a new website that is effective, affordable and live in 28 days or less!

The Website 101  Workshop will take you through all the steps so you can create your own website without having to outsource it to a web designer.

Using the self hosted WordPress software you will learn how to create a website that is easy to update, great for the search engines, that you can manage 100% on your own.

You will learn hands on with Neil in this workshop. It is a very interactive, live, hands on workshop over 4 weeks.

"I am committed to helping 1000 local businesses and not for profits leverage their website and proven marketing strategies to grow their business, over the next 5 years."

Here's What You Will Get...

A Ready-to-go Class Website

We will setup your site so it is ready to go with WordPress installed, a premium theme so you can begin building right away.

Small Group Setting

You won't be in a big classroom with lots of students so you can get individualized guidance the whole way through.

Premium Theme & Plugins

You will get access to a premium theme and plugins valued at over $150 with your registration.

Build with Proven Strategies

Your website will be developed with proven strategies in mind designed to generate new opportunities first and foremost.

I’ll Show You Exactly What To Do and What NOT To Do…

Over the last 8+ years I have developed over 500 websites for small to large businesses and not-for-profits. I have tried just about every trick in the book to get the end result we needed. That's why I feel confident I can provide a methodology that will help you not only to build your website fast, but to make it effective as well.

Get your seat in the next workshop, now!

Our Next Workshop Schedule:

February 4, 11, 18 & 25 - 6-8pm

Registration Fee = $250 (ask about available discounts)

2498 Perry Crossing Way, Suite 210,
Plainfield, IN 46168

Get your 4-week workshop, plus content creation guide, student website and proven design strategy for a very low introductory rate.

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Weekly Workshop Overview

What will we be doing in each of the 4 weekly classes? See the descriptions below for the outline and goals for each class:




We will plan out your site structure, colors, graphics and introduce you to the back end of your new website.




A good description gives a hint about your product. It makes the reader curious, but it leaves a gap - a little mystery - instead of revealing everything.




Just duplicate the entire columns row to add new chapters/modules and adjust the text accordingly. The list shouldn't feel endlessly long, but don't shy 




We will plan out your site structure, colors, graphics and introduce you to the back end of your new website.

NEIL RICHMUND  //  Creator

I love helping people understand things that they did not previously know and help them move their organization in the right direction. That's why I created this workshop, it's an opportunity to help those who are struggling with their website to actually feel like they are creating an effective tool.

I spent nearly 20 years in the classroom and am looking forwrd to getting back there again as together we work on this essential part of a thriving organization in 2019!

Neil Richmund

The Best Time to Start Your New Website is Now!

You will receive the following benefits:

1. Know how to make updates and changes to your website - so you can stop relying on others.

2. Save $1000's on "outsourcing" your website design project.

3. Get essential website elements (plugins and themes) for free as part of your registration - save $100's.

4. YOUR website can be LIVE by the end of the workshop.

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100% Risk-Free Enrollment.

I am so confident in my workshop, that I invite you to take the entire workshop, attend all the classes, do all the assignments, add in your content, listen to my coaching and if at 8 weeks you don’t have your own new, functional website, simply show us your assignments, return any materials we have given you, and we’ll give you a 100% refund of your money. There's no risk on your part.

Neil Richmund

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring?

Do you have a payment program?

Will I really be able to build my website in just 4 weeks?

Do I need to buy hosting before the class starts?

Do I need any specialized software to build my site?

Can you help me if I already have a (WordPress) website?

Will I have homework?

Do I have to attend all classes?

Do I need to buy a domain first?

Who owns my website when the class is done?

Can I build with a Mac or PC?

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