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Marketing locally is something that most online businesses should always do. Even if your audience is world-wide, you can make a big impact by taking advantage of improving your online visibility. Having a local presence will not only help those who are local to you find you easier, but it will also increase your expertise quotient. Here’s how to strengthen your local presence.

8 Simple Ways to Increase Your Online Visibility

SEO – Search Engine Optimization consists of a lot of different techniques to get more people to come to your website. The words on your page (keywords), as well as the words and links you earn off your page, are all important in helping to improve your online visibility.

Blogging – The more you can blog about your business on your website and off your website, the more likely you are to get local visitors. You just need to ensure that you use local keywords and a profile that mentions your location.

PPC – Use pay-per-click ads that mention location, or target people in your location using the demographic settings that most PPC platforms allow you to do. This is a great way to improve your online visibility. Facebook has an especially awesome targeting tool.

Social Media – Use social media to tell more people about your business, focusing on local people first, and then allowing it to expand out to other locations. Ensure that you mention your location on all social media sites.

Go Mobile – Have all your visitors sign up to receive text messages from you, then separate them into different locations where you can invite them to a special local-only sale. You’ll usually know who they are from their area code.

Claim Your Business – Google Business, Yahoo Small Business, Yelp and other local business directories all have listings. Your business might already be listed, so be sure to claim and verify your business listings.

Get Listed – Find local directories, including your local Chamber of Commerce directory, and ensure that your website is listed. You might have to pay for some of these, so choose wisely and pick the most frequented and professional websites for your money.

Fill Out All Profiles – This is a very important yet often overlooked step.  You need to fill out all of your profiles accurately and completely on every place that asks for a profile. Use your location to help you show up more in local searches for the best results.

Getting known locally is an important way to get more local visitors to your website, which will translate into more local business. Even if you want to do business internationally, there is nothing wrong with being known locally as well, as it can open a lot of doors for you in the areas of public speaking, coaching, and teaching – all areas that will add value to what you offer in addition to making more sales.

Click the link below to get more info on these and other steps you need to take to improve your online visibility.  This free checklist will ensure that you don’t miss any vital steps to help you get found locally!

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