Subscribers Ahoy! [Strategix Video Tip]

Have you thought about implementing a low-cost subscription model into your business? If so, and especially if you haven’t, you need to watch today’s video tip to see why implementing this into your business should be the next thing you work on.

Here’s a couple of resources: You should read The Automatic Customer by John Warrillow and take a look at the 9 Subscription Models in John’s resources section. They will quickly help you to decide which model (s) will work best for your business. If you need help deciding or implementing any of these option please contact us and we will see what we can do to help.

Find New Followers – [Strategix Video Tip]

Take a look at today’s tip to find out about a couple of ways yuo can drive new followers to your social platforms. They are not hard or complicated, they just take a bit of planning in advance.

Patience is a Virtue, or is it? [Strategix Video Tip]

I don’t get frustrated very often, but when I do it’s usually related to waiting. Waiting in line at the grocery store, waiting in traffic etc. What is it that frustrates your customers? You need to watch this episode to dial in on the solutions, not only for the sake of customer service, but so you can have your customers talking all about the great service you provide. Now that’s real marketing!

Dare To Be Different [Strategix Video Tip]

In today’s marketplace it is essential not differentiate yourself from all the other businesses out there. It isn’t enough to say you have better customer service etc. So how do you stand out in a crowded marketplace? Take a look at this video tip for a few new ideas.

Promote It – How to Setup Your Lead Generation Funnel – Part 5 – Strategix Video Tip

The final installment in the series n building a lead generation funnel. The focus now turns to promoting your offer and driving traffic to your website to opt-in. While there are many great paid methods to do this like: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube ads, plus Adwords Campaigns, we focus on 5 free ways to generate traffic to your offer.

Please add your comments below on what yo have experienced in building your funnel or even any questions you may have.

Show ‘Em – How to Setup Your Lead Generation Funnel – Part 4 – Strategix Video Tip

This is the fourth of a five-part series on building a lead generation funnel using your website. The focus of this video is on showing your prospects exactly what yo want them to see. All too often we hide the good stuff away on our website and people have to hunt for it (if they even go looking at all). I recommend 3 ways you can add this to your site if you have a WordPress site, a non-WordPress site or not site at all.

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“The Meteor Prank” Video – Great Marketing Lessons

If you grew up on DVR and On Demand content you probably have no intention of watching a blatant advertisement. That’s why it is so critical to make a piece of content that tells a story more than it sells your product. Take a look at how the video below was one of the most successful ads of the past few years.

When making marketing content, one of the best things you can do is NOT make marketing content.

This video contains some core elements.

  1. There is no initial branding
  2. They draw on various human emotions
  3. They have quality audio
  4. They tell a story

To really capture the imagination of the viewer, you need to tell a better story. Take the time to plan out and write down exactly what you want to convey with the video. It should tap into human emotions so that you can grab the attention of the viewers and hold on to them long enough to deliver your message to them.

LG: The Meteor Prank That Drew Us All In

Take this video from LG, for example, it draws viewers in and gives them something to laugh at and be amazed by at the same time. They don’t deliver the marketing message until the final curtain call, but they have given viewers a reason to stay until then by telling a compelling story, so it works.

Land ‘Em – How to Setup Your Lead Generation Funnel – Part 3 – Strategix Video Tip

This video is the  third in a series of videos designed to help you create your own lead generation funnel system. This video focuses on getting the email drip series setup and the landing page installed.

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Tell Your Story – How to Setup Your Lead Generation Funnel – Part 2 – Strategix Video Tip

In the second of our 5 part series on building a lead generation funnel on your website we focus on developing a drip email campaign to send your prospects after they have signed up for your signature eBook. We will walk you through exactly what you should say in every email, so watch as we help yo tell your story!

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Write the Book – How to Setup Your Lead Generation Funnel – Part 1 – Strategix Video Tip

This is the first video in a 5-part series on setting up a lead generation funnel on your website. The goal is to attract people who ae interested in what you do to offer their name and email address to you in exchange for valuable information you possess. Watch the video as we explain how to “Write the Book”.

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