Finally a plan to take marketing strategy and turn it into action!

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I get lots of great feedback on my weekly email and educational presentations that I do, but lots of people have told me that they want MORE. More marketing strategies, hacks and tips.  And many of the prospects I meet with really want and need marketing help, yet don’t have the budget that is required to outsource this work. They want to learn the marketing essentials and apply the top marketing trends, but just don’t know where to start on their own!

Out of that need came an idea that is affordable, includes the marketing essentials you can use for yourself, doesn’t take much time to do, and is delivered straight to your inbox – It’s called The Marketing Kit, a marketing membership for those of you who need a quick and affordable way to stay on top of marketing in a way that is sensitive to your time and budget! With your membership, each month you will receive information on some of the hottest marketing topics that I deliver to my private clients, top secrets and easy marketing hacks, downloadable resources you can customize and use right away, access to ask me your marketing questions,  and much more – all for one low subscription price. If you have been wanting to improve your marketing, get found, and generate REAL LEADS, but are limited on the time and knowledge to do it, this could be just what you need!
Want to know if it’s worth it?  Check it out!
It’s great to be able to offer you something that is both powerful AND affordable!  It’s a dream I’ve had to be able to offer this service to everyone, and now it’s a reality!
If this is something you think would be a great fit for your needs, just click the button and sign up.  If the first month doesn’t offer you everything you imagined it would, you can cancel with no questions asked at any time!
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Are You Making These Website Mistakes?

7 Common Website Mistakes to Avoid!

Including Irrelevant Content – From images to audio, to text, you want to avoid including any type of content that is not relevant to your audience and the message you want them to take away from visiting your website.

Contact Info Is Not Readily Visible – Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to contact a business but not knowing how. Don’t hide your contact information from your website visitors. It’s imperative that they can contact you.

Unnecessary Entry Pages – You’ve seen websites like that; the ones that you have to “click here to enter.” This is completely unnecessary. It can be an impediment to your audience finding the information they need, and is absolutely a problem for search engines. Making offers to people on the way to your site are a great list building marketing strategy, but make them smart – that is they know when you’ve been there before and don’t just keep showing up everytime you visit.

Including Automatic Audio – Some websites have sound that comes on the moment the visitor goes to it, or if the cursor goes over it, but this is also a bad thing to do. Let your visitor choose when the sound comes on and goes off so that they aren’t irritated.

Not Updating SEO Regularly – Search engine optimization involves ensuring that the right keywords, headlines, sub-headers, and information are in each page, plus that you provide enough information off your page to help get links back to your page. Learn all you can about SEO to make the most of this organic means of getting traffic.

Too Many Graphics – Graphics are important for a website and add to the look, feel and mood of your website. But, you don’t want to have too many, because it will make your website load slower and cause your visitors to get tired fast.

Unorganized Navigation – Learn how people tend to look at websites. When they read paper, it’s left to right, but websites they read vertically and sometimes in an F pattern. If you can understand that, you can put the important information where they’re most likely to view it.

If you can avoid these website mistakes, and in fact perfect each item here, your website will be that much more inviting and useful to your audience. You’ll get more visitors to come to your website, plus you’ll get more of them sticking around, answering your calls to action and ultimately it will improve your bottom line.

Are You On Mission? [Strategix Video Tip]

I am away on a Mission Trip this week and have a message for businesses who are not adding some sort of service projects to their regular agenda. It’s not so much about marketing this week as it is about building your business from the inside up.

Real Tips To Rank Higher [Strategix Video Tip]


Last week we talked about the importance of getting on the front page of search results, today we want to share 4 tips on helping you get there.  Below are a few resources you could look at to get more details on implementing these tips.

Resources:– WordPress plugin to help with search engine optimization

Get Pole Position [Strategix Video Tip]

Marketing your business is not too unlike being in an automobile race, getting pole position gives you a great advantage going in to the race. Find out why you need to be in pole position in this week’s marketing tip.

How To Speak Australian – Sparks Talk

I had the privilege of speaking for Sparks recently (Sparks is an Indianapolis-based, TED Talk-like event that happens once a month where you get 4 minutes to say what you have to say and at the end they clap you off the stage). I shared a topic I am passionate about – speaking Australian! Other than learning a few new words, there really was a point to what I had to say – you will have to watch to see what it was. and see how close to the 4-minute deadline I got.

Measure Twice, Cut Once [Strategix Video Tip]

It’s always important to know exactly where you are currently situated and that is even more significant when you are putting your time, resources and money into your marketing efforts. This week’s video tip focuses on the important items to measure in your business and why you need to pay attention to them.

Don’t Go For The Sale [Strategix Video Tip]

All too often we see businesses only interested in getting sales and while I will freely admit that is what businesses need to survive, it’s a bit short sited to to think that it’s the only thing to be driving for. Join us in this week’s marketing tip as we introduce a smaller step you can make your visitor’s and prospects take that can yield a greater benefit in the long-term.

Over 1 Billion Sold [Strategix Video Tip]

What can you learn from a restaurant that’s sold over 1 Billion hamburgers, turns out you can learn a lot. Watch as we show you a strategy McDonald’s uses that every savvy business should be installing into their marketing system.

Are You Using the “Hulk & Bulk” Strategy? [Strategix Video Tip]

You may be more than a bit curious as to what I have to say today based on the title of this weeks video tip and I will not spoil the fun. You will have to watch to find out what I mean, but if you are reading this because of the title then my message to you today is simple – how can you use creative titles to engage your audience? Really think about how to do that so you can authentically lead people to the information you have to share. Thanks for reading (and watching), I’d love for you to comment on your thoughts below .