Top10 Search Engine Updates for September 2015

There’s always a lot of change happening when it comes to to search engine updates and the way they look at presenting their search results. Even though they are extremely difficult to keep up with, here are 10 that have happened recently that might benefit you or your business.

Search Engine Updates You Should Know About!

  1. Google has made it easy to file a complaint against marketers who are violating its guidelines. You can simply use this URL to file your complaint. You can navigate to Contact Us button (top right) > Email > Complaint about a Partner.seo-1
  2. Google has introduced a new local pack which displays only 3 results instead of 7 with minimal information, excluding the mandates like phone numbers or street addresses which were earlier visible in the 7 pack.
  3. Google Maps changes its manual verification process for businesses. You will now no longer be able to call the Google Maps team and have them manually verify your business over the phone. You’ll be instead directed to the normal verification methods.
  4. A long tail search indicates that a customer is close to a point-of-purchase; hence it creates excellent opportunities for local businesses. Here is the complete study from BrightLocal.
  5. Now business listings will show verification check-marks in Google maps.
  6. Bing started showing reviews in its results exactly when Yahoo stopped it. Coincidence? Maybe!
  7. Google will not force a new user to make Google+ account to sign up for Google services. *Sigh. Here is the official statement from Bradley Horowitz – “We want to formally retire the notion that a Google+ membership is required for anything at Google… other than using Google+ itself.
  8. Google will take down unverified and inactive plus pages associated with business listings. So make sure to get your business pages verified and keep them active by sharing content regularly.
  9. Google has introduced a feature that will inform you about the peak time of the business so you can avoid the rush. But many have doubts about the usefulness of this update.
  10. Updating a new address in Google Maps can be tricky especially while displaying driving directions. To understand why this happens and how to fix it, you can simply refer this guide.

There are plenty of search engine updates to keep up with here, but the key is to find the ones that impact your business and put a plan in place to adjust or capitalize on them. If yo uare not sure what to do next, feel free to Contact Us and we can help you put a plan in place!

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