Top Tips for Using Company Vehicles to Advertise Your Business

Using vehicle wraps to advertise your business is an often-ignored aspect of business marketing. Most companies tend to focus on their social media budget rather than physical forms of advertising. However, unlike archaic ads used in billboards and newspapers, a company car can show off your business no matter where you decide to drive.

Obviously, there is still some necessary strategy you must consider before you get the wrap applied. There are ways you can maintain your advertisement to look stellar as well. With a clever advertisement on the side of your car, you will be more likely to stumble into better business opportunities.

Vehicle Advertising Options

Registering your car in an event that thousands of people will attend is a great way to market your business. Independence Day parades, car shows, and other fun community events can all give you opportunities to share information about your business. You can also take these moments to pass out coupons or gift certificates for your company.

Honestly, the most consistent way you will advertise your product is by driving around. This is a form of passive advertising that can get people thinking about whether or not they need your product. Sometimes, just driving around can get you the attention you are hoping for, making extra pit stops even more worth it.

Maintaining the Appearance of Your Ad

You want your advertisement to communicate your brand clearly to the customers. One problem with vehicle advertising is that your car must face the elements fairly regularly—especially if you live in a mixed climate. See to it that you take your car to get washed at least once a week to maintain the waxy look. You are the company billboard, after all.

Ensure your design will also hold up over time. Less is more in some circumstances and can communicate class and professionalism. Include humor and bright colors to catch people’s attention. If your advertisement’s design doesn’t seem to be working or feels outdated, take it to a graphic designer to see what they can do!

Protect the Paint

Speaking of professionalism, nothing detracts more from your advertisement’s message than an ugly paint job. The wear and tear on your car is to be expected, especially if you have been driving your car for several years. However, you have to take precautions to protect the paint you have.

Most car wash places will give you the option to apply a protective wax around your car. This paint protection can last for years, extending the life and preserving the appearance of your vehicle’s paint job. It can cost a lot if you are hoping to visit frequently. You may want to invest in an annual pass to your local car wash to keep it looking pristine.

Clean the Interior

Now the exterior of your car is looking great, but what of the interior? While a customer isn’t likely to hop in your car for a ride, they may have opportunities to peer inside your “portable billboard.” If all they see is a trash heap, that won’t reflect positively on your business.

Make small, consistent efforts to clean your car’s interior. Have a small garbage bag available at all times so you don’t accidentally spill wrappers, drinks, or fast food in your car. Vacuum it out regularly (this shouldn’t be a problem if you go to the car wash). Take pride in how your car looks and feels inside.

Plan Your Parking

The best way to show off your business logo is by parking in strategic places. If you own a business that services peoples’ homes in some way—be it lawn care, electrical work, or plumbing—park your car in front of the person’s yard. It might not seem like a brilliant tactic, but neighbors might see your parked vehicle and think to themselves: “Maybe I should get that done, too.”

When visiting the store, always park as close to the entrance of the business as possible. More people will see your logo and think this to themselves as well—inspiring them to give you a call.

Ensure its Certified

You do have to be aware of the various legal ramifications associated with car advertising. It is not uncommon for a business to do something, only to find out that it is technically illegal. Find the most effective and quickest way to get your car certified.

First, view state laws to see what potential rules you might break. If you can’t find anything, head to your city’s laws. While these can seem complicated, a government worker can often explain the legal reasoning behind the decision. Reach out to your officials to get the matter settled immediately!

Be a Good Driver

It is true that the design and cleanliness of your car is one way an anonymous passerby will judge your business. But you also have to consider your driving prowess when using a company car. You are representing what your business stands for. As such, it is irresponsible and risky to speed, get parking tickets, or make bad traffic calls in these cars.

If you are an employee, you can get written up or fired for driving poorly. Make sure you are demonstrating maximum patience and adherence to the law. You will keep your job and be a happier person.

Bigger is Better

There is a reason billboards are still a pretty common form of advertising. They are giant signs pointing you to a business you may or may not be interested in. Most people like the old saying: “Bigger is better.” Well in advertising, this tends to be true.

Your design may be loud and big on its own, but if it is trapped on a smart car, fewer people will be inclined to look at it. Trucks and vans are the prime choice for vehicular advertising—particularly for hardware and contracting jobs. But it really depends on what message your company wants to convey.

You have all the possible resources to make your vehicle advertisement successful. It’s one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising out there and is a simple, one-time cost. If you wrap your car, it is likely your business will get more “traffic.”

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