“The Meteor Prank” Video – Great Marketing Lessons

If you grew up on DVR and On Demand content you probably have no intention of watching a blatant advertisement. That’s why it is so critical to make a piece of content that tells a story more than it sells your product. Take a look at how the video below was one of the most successful ads of the past few years.

When making marketing content, one of the best things you can do is NOT make marketing content.

This video contains some core elements.

  1. There is no initial branding
  2. They draw on various human emotions
  3. They have quality audio
  4. They tell a story

To really capture the imagination of the viewer, you need to tell a better story. Take the time to plan out and write down exactly what you want to convey with the video. It should tap into human emotions so that you can grab the attention of the viewers and hold on to them long enough to deliver your message to them.

LG: The Meteor Prank That Drew Us All In

Take this video from LG, for example, it draws viewers in and gives them something to laugh at and be amazed by at the same time. They don’t deliver the marketing message until the final curtain call, but they have given viewers a reason to stay until then by telling a compelling story, so it works.

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