What is Video Advertising?

video advertisingNow more than ever, businesses are using video advertising in their marketing efforts.  But in order for it to be effective, you have to truly understand what it is and how to use it.  No longer is it just slick ads, like those which would appear on TV, but more and more popular are ads that appear on YouTube, Facebook, and other online real estate. Sometimes, though, video advertising isn’t as straightforward as it seems. For example, today many people create high-interest informational videos that are really advertising, but it’s hard to tell because it is so engaging to the viewer. The videos are actually meant to impart information, with the goal of selling what they have to offer within the context of educating you through video.  Regardless of the forum you choose, it is important to understand the pros and cons to video advertising.

Advantages of Video Advertising

It’’s Inexpensive. – Believe it or not, video ads aren’t very expensive. You can pay for placement, but you can also just create and post the video yourself on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter for viewing. Ask people to share it, and the only money you’re out is the money you spent in creating the video.

It Works across Platforms. – – If you place your ad on YouTube, it will work on any mobile device. If you’ve made sure your website is mobile friendly, it will work there, too. It will also work without any adjustments on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

You Can See the Results Immediately – – You’ll be able to see the analytics of the video ad almost immediately in terms of views, click through, and more. You will be able to see where viewers are located, their demographics, and more.

You Can Reach Anywhere – – Your videos can be local in nature, but they can also be international without any tweaking. If you offer a good product or service, it will translate into almost any language.

Your Audience Keeps It with Them – – Your audience carries their mobile devices with them wherever they go, which means your video ads go with them, too. You will be able to reach more people in more intimate ways than ever before with video ads.

Disadvantages of Video Advertising

Ad Skipping – – Some people don’t watch the ads and will automatically click to skip one, which means that no one will see it if you do it as a display in video advertisement.

Bad Timing – – If you release your potentially viral video on a day that something else is already going viral and you can’t compete, it may be a wasted effort.  Choosing the right time to release your video is a key factor in making it work.

Lack of Confidence – – The truth is, the biggest con of all is that people just don’t jump in and do it.  Many think that you have to be a sophisticated actor or actress in order to deliver a great video.  But the truth is that people crave authenticity.  Embrace your mistakes and make light of them.  Don’t strive for perfection because everyone loves real people being passionate more than slick actors trying to sell you something.

Video advertising is very lucrative. It is inexpensive, and, best of all, it works. You’ll get great results by adding video into your marketing mix – whether it’ is advertisements, marketing videos, or something else. Video gets results because people love videos, and as such they are more likely to watch it and share it,spreading the good news about your business everywhere.

Creating a Community; The Power of Video Marketing

video marketing

It’s easy to see the power of video marketing.  When you take it a step further and create a community of followers, the sky is the limit!  Not sure?  Just look at YouTube’’s popularity and the earning power of some of their top performers to see how important building a community is. When you build a community you can quickly get results from any new product or service as soon as you launch it, because the community is already primed and ready to respond. To make that happen, though, you’re going to have to work hard to build that community – one video at a time.

Tips for Creating a Community of Followers for Your Video Marketing

Speak Directly to Your Audience – When you make a video for your audience, make sure look right into the camera and talk directly to them. You probably have a picture in your head of who your ideal audience is. If that is the case, picture that person, look into the camera and just speak from the heart.

Show Your Softer Side – Don’t be too stiff and formal in your videos. Even if you’re trying to attract lawyers and accountants, they want to see the humanity in you with your videos. Attempt to be relaxed. Practice makes perfect, so if you need to practice a few times to get it right, do so.

Mistakes Are Endearing – Don’t worry so much about tripping over one or two words; it’’s okay. Normal mistakes made in the course of a conversation are nothing to correct or be ashamed of. Being too perfect will make you seem cold and unapproachable.

Get to the Point – Don’t take too long to make a video. More than three to five minutes is simply too long. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but break up longer videos if you can. Make a loose script if it helps you stay on topic and not get sidetracked.

Set It to Music – Put some light music in the background that signifies the mood you want your audience to feel as they listen to your video. Be sure to make it quiet and not too loud; you don’t want to hide what you’re saying and distract from your message.

Show Your Sense of Humor – The beauty of video marketing is that you can add personality to nearly any topic.  Even if you talk about serious topics in your video, being a little funny can lighten things up and take the sting out. Being funny can also make videos go viral, so be ready.

Tell Them Secrets – It’s just you and your niche audience, right? It’s okay to share something deep with them during the video. You want them to feel as if they are part of your life, and one way to do it is to be honest and transparent.

Make Some Content Exclusive – You can make some content exclusive to your audience by hiding it from others and only letting people who get the link see the video. You can also hide that content behind a membership wall. This type of content can bring your audience closer to you and also help you collect email addresses.

Respond to Others  – This works very well on YouTube. When someone makes a video that affects you in some way, make a response video and include it in a comment to their video. This can help you connect more with the entire community while bringing more people over to your community.

Building a community using your video marketing is entirely possible on any platform – not just YouTube. However, YouTube is an excellent place to start creating and hosting the videos that you make. Start with an introductory video and then keep going, sharing it on social media, then asking others to share and get the ball rolling.

Don’t Sell – Show Passion Instead with Your Video Marketing

video marketingIn today’s market, we have to be more and more creative about how we get the message out to our customers about what we have to offer.  But how to you get creative yet still remain authentic and trustworthy?  One of the best ways to do that is through video marketing.  Creating video advertisements is a great way to send a message to your audience.  However, the risk involved in creating them is that you can easily start sounding like a used car salesman instead of someone who is trying to inform, engage, and help your audience. So, let’’s focus in on what helps make a video advertisement work.

Tips for Effective Video Marketing

Tell a Story – Everyone has a story, and so does your brand and your product. When you tell the story you should be honest, transparent, and happy about the story. The story should be related to your ideal audience so that they connect with it.  Video marketing is a great way to capture the attention of your audience, especially when there is a good story behind it.

Show Your Excitement – When you’’re talking to your audience about your niche, show how excited you are about what you’’re saying. Let the audience in on your passion and love affair with the niche so that they can feel that same excitement.

Show Your Face – One of the greatest advantages to video marketing is the use of nonverbal communication.  Your eyes tell their own story, so people want to see them. Don’’t be afraid to show your face when you’’re telling the story because that will help your audience see the passion you have for the topic.

Interact with Your Viewers – Take the time to include links to facts and to other videos of yours inside the video you’’re creating. Links with clickable titles inside the video will help your audience digest more of your content and get to know more about who you are.

Use Appropriate Music – You can find royalty-free music to use for your videos that help tie everything together in an emotional way. Music can connect to your audience members’’ feelings and really tie together your message, and in a way that is faster than almost anything  else.

Drive Traffic – Use the video to drive traffic to your main products and/or services by mentioning them at the end of the video or in the description box, depending on where you host your videos and what the terms of service are.

Ask for Input – Your audience members will get excited when they see how passionate you are about your story. Moreover, when you ask for their input and give them an opportunity to share their story, they’’ll feel really enthusiastic and more relatable to you in their own telling.

Relate Your Message to Something Else – If possible, relate your products and services to something else that is good, such as a charity. You can donate a percentage of all profits to a particular charity about which you are really passionate, which can generate even more passion and energy to help get the word out about your own products and services.

When you show your feelings about your topic and really show your audience your passion about who you are and what you are there for, they’ll be very supportive of you. The reason is that they’’ll feel as if you relate to them on a whole different level than if you didn’’t show that passion. Your appetite for helping your audience will show through loud and clear in all your actions and interactions, and you will be someone who is authentic and helpful to your audience, and someone with whom they will wanto to engage. Most importantly, it will help you avoid the used car salesman stereotype they would otherwise want to tune out in your video marketing.

Tools to Make Video Marketing Work for You!

Finding tools to help make video marketing easier is important. Making videos can be time-consuming, but the payoff is incredible. Video is shared more often than text, and you can turn almost anything you have previously written into a video to share and market to your audience with just a little thought and effort.

Magisto – This is a free video editor that you can use with Chrome. You use it by adding photos and videos and then setting the time drag and dropping your files to create a video with royalty free music to use for your projects. This is only for adding pictures that are turned into a slide show with copy on them.

WeVideo – This cloud-based solution allows you to use its powerful tools to edit your videos and make them look really professional. They also have a lot of training available to help you create more professional videos.

Viewbix – If you have three to five minutes, you can create interactive videos out of your videos. Interaction is a great way to help market your products and services as well as make your videos more interesting to watch.

Camtasia – This is one of the most popular and most often used video editing software. You can produce, edit and upload your videos easily to any network in any format. You can add cool features like clickable links, and you can also add great transitions, voice-overs and more.

YouTube Editor – This tool cannot go unmentioned because it’s from YouTube. It’s also free. It has some good features, although they are not as advanced as some of the others platforms that you can use. But, you can do a good job with this tool.

VideoScribe – You’ve seen the explainer videos, and you’ve likely seen how expensive they are. This is a little bit of a downgraded version of explainer videos, but it will get the job done while you start out marketing your videos, and for the right price.

Magnet Video – You can create wonderful landing pages, professionally-themed videos, and produce very professional videos to use for marketing your business. This tool even includes content curation tools. You really have to try it to understand all the things this tool does for your video marketing.

Your Blog – Always post your videos to your blog after you’ve uploaded them to any video hosting solution. This will make it easier for you to promote the videos to your audience, by making it simple to click a few buttons to share it to social media and your email list.

Social Networks – Remember to market your videos to all your social networks and ask at the end of each video for your viewers to like, follow, share and comment on the videos so that you can get more people to see them.

Choosing some of these tools to help make marking your videos easier, will (after some consistent work) make your videos catch fire with your audience – building momentum over time until you are as successful as you want to be with your video marketing efforts. How will you put at least one of these ideas to work for your business? Share your answer below.