The Social Media Posting Formula

It’s Monday morning and the first thing on your list for the day is setting up your social media posting for the week. You sit there and stare at the screen, not sure where to go next. What should I share? Where do I get it from? Should I promote our new blog posts? How often should I promote our own content? Should I promote our new product? How often is too often to talk about us and what we offer?

These are all great questions – that require an answer and it boils down to this – what’s the optimal social media posting formula that blends personal promotion with educating your target audience and attracting new prospects? The infographic below gives you a posting formula you can not only easily follow, but you can plan in advance with the 6-3-1 approach.

I do want to give credit where credit is due as this was inspired by a post on Wayne Breitbarth’s site about LinkedIn tips and Tricks – Power Formula. Click here to read his original article.

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