12 Ways to Turn Your Website into a Lead Generation Machine

If your website isn’t generating leads for you, then you’re not doing it right. A website is supposed to be like your storefront on the web. In some cases, if you have solely an online business it is your storefront. Website lead generation is vital for any business today.

12 Ways to Turn Your Website into a Lead Generation Machine

  1. Add Multiple and Relevant CTAs – Having only one CTA on the page in the form of a sign-up form is not enough. You need to put CTAs wherever your audience is looking. Under blog posts, under your about page content, above the fold on the landing pages, and home page – all are great ways to improve your conversion rates.
  2. Add a Timed and Relevant Slide or Pop-Up – There is a love-hate relationship with pop-ups for most marketers. The problem is, they do work. Therefore, putting a timed slide from the bottom, or an exit pop-up, or both, can help encourage your site visitors to sign up for your newsletters or get a relevant lead magnet.
  3. Change What’s Not Working – Before you change one thing on your site, do an audit. Find out what your conversion rates are for each page on your site. For the pages that have poor conversions, change them up to make them better. Often the problem is poor targeting; sometimes it’s just not having a CTA at all.
  4. Use Analytics – Use Google Analytics to its full potential by considering hiring someone to help you use it right. The ways you can use it are so advanced that you really do need someone who is well versed in how to use it so that you can get the most from it. Connect analytics to your website, your autoresponder, use tracking links and more for the best results.
  5. Use a Heatmap Tool – This type of tool enables you to actually find out exactly what your audience is looking at and clicking on when they come to your site. This can help you improve navigation tremendously. Try
  6. Add In Live Chat – Sometimes people just want an answer immediately; you can provide that with properly trained live chat customer personnel a lot less expensively than you may think. offers software to enable you to offer live chat relatively inexpensively.
  7. Give Away Relevant Lead Magnets – Double check to ensure your lead magnets are relevant to your audience. You can actually offer more than one lead magnet depending on the content that your audience is reading at the time. This proves to offer huge results. For example, if your audience is reading a blog post about journaling, you could offer a free journal template for MS Word as a lead magnet. It really is that simple.
  8. Add More Testimonials – People love reading testimonials from others who have used your products or services. Try to make it part of your follow-up to receive them. When you get a new customer, set up an automatic survey to be sent after they’ve had enough time to sample your products and services and ask for the testimonial.
  9. Add Case Studies – Another way to get people interested in your offerings is to create case studies. You can write them up or you can do interviews with successful people who have used your products and services, or a similar method.
  10. Use Multiple Forms of Content – Everyone learns and digests information differently. Therefore, having content in many forms such as text, video, images, graphics, and so forth will help everyone learn about what you can do for them in a way that they understand.
  11. Test Everything – When you create a new landing page, a sales page, a freebie or something else that needs to bring traffic or convert traffic, always double check that your assumptions are correct by testing. If you do split testing (meaning to offer two different versions of it), you’ll be able to improve and get better results over time.
  12. Finally, always ensure that your website works across all platforms. Not only should people be able to read what you’re offering, they should have no issues with buying right from their smartphone.

If you need help turning your website into a lead generation machine please contact me and I would be happy to discuss ways you can get the job done.

Generating On-Site Experiences That Bring Attendees Back for More

memorable eventsHaving face-to-face meetings and events is invaluable. They help foster relationships, build trust, encourage openness and offer a way to have immediate and clear communication with others. In this day and age, it seems that online events are the only way to do events, but nothing could be further from the truth.

However, in-person, on-site experiences need to be much more exciting than sitting hour after hour for presentations that one could have watched online. In person, on-site events require something that will make the attendees want to do it again. There are many ways to make your event amazing. Let’s go over a few.

Tips on Generating Amazing On-Site Experiences

Use the Best Technology You Can Afford – There is so much technology you can use today for on-site meetings and events that will help such as an app that will help like-minded attendees find and locate each other, and technology that will match up businesses that need each other. There is also technology that enables audience participation and questions to be asked and answered more easily. Get what you can afford that is above a traditional “presentation” type meeting.

Choose the Best Location You Can Afford – If you really want people to attend your event, then the location does matter. Not only does location matter, timing the event right to coincide with something important in that location can also help so that attendees (given the time) can do both. For example, have an event in Washington DC during the time that the cherry blossoms bloom, or in the Ozarks during the fall colors.

Make Sure the Food Is Awesome – You want to give people plenty of food choices. Today people care a lot more about their health than they used to. You may consider polling those who sign up for the event and pay about their food choices so that you can do a better job with food provisions.

Someone Should Greet Everyone – If you have to hire greeters, do so. Nothing is worse than going to an in-person event and feeling like a nobody, with no one greeting you or helping you know what to do or how to get involved.

Have a Meet the Speakers Special Event – Offer an upgrade to VIPs where they can have a dinner with the speakers at their table. Kind of like a “captain’s table” event on a cruise ship. People will pay good money to be able to hobnob with the speakers.

Offer Breakout Sessions – If your event is large, having smaller breakout sessions with 10 to 20 participants with a speaker will be an amazing way to help people get closer. You can arrange them together based on answers they give in the questionnaire you give them at the time they register.

Ramp Up the Content – The content that you and the speakers have at a live event should be even better and tighter than for a webinar or teleseminar. The speakers need spot-on slides, or visuals, and a good story to engage the audience.

Attract Well-Known Speakers – Even if you can’t get a lot of well-known speakers, pay at least one well-known person to speak at your event. Do ensure that they’re relevant to the event and can speak to the target audience.

Design for Relationship Building – Ensure that there are plenty of breaks, and even planned tours of the area around the event location. These are all networking opportunities for the individuals that come to the event.

Be Specific about Priorities – Know what your point is for having the event before you even start, so that you can stick to your priorities. You don’t want to have an event that no one understands the point of.

Build in Networking Opportunities – Set up after-hours drinks, dances, and other activities that can help people with networking. Do some in the morning, some at lunch, and some after dinner and some in the evening so that you can have a little something for everyone.

Inspire and Motivate Action – Don’t just talk at your guests; talk with them. Invite them to comment, invite someone or a few on stage to tell their story in a spontaneous way. The more you can inspire them and motivate them, the better they’ll feel when they leave, and the more they’ll want to come back.

Making people want to come back involves a well-oiled and planned event. If you can afford to, hire an event planner to help you get everything organized well so that you can focus on the content. Using these tips, your on-site experiences can lead to not only successful events, but add potential leads to your pipeline as well.