Is Email Marketing Dead?

email marketingYou may have read that email marketing is dying. Guess what – it’s not true. According to Email Marketing Is Not Dead, there are many stats that prove their point. They collect stats about email marketing and they’re quite interesting. Let’s take a look at a few.

Why Email Marketing is Not Dead!

People Prefer Email for Communication with Businesses – This is a huge one. When you realize that people prefer to email with you than talk to you, or talk to you on social media, then you’ll know how important it is to maintain email marketing connections.

You Own Your List – Even if people don’t check email as often as they should, they actually do, but on their mobile. So if you’re not getting traction, ensure your email and website are mobile friendly.

B2B Email Marketing Rocks – If you’re promoting to businesses and business owners then you’re in luck, because 55% more sales are attributed to email marketing messages and email communication.

Client Acquisition – Email is 40 times better at converting a prospect into a customer than social media. This is enough for most people to realize that they need to build their email lists and market to their customers via email.

ROI Is Amazing – When done right, email marketing has an amazing ROI – usually about 24 times of cost. So if you spend a dollar on email marketing, chances are you’ll get 24 dollars back for your efforts.

The Young Still Use Email – One argument against email of late is that millennials don’t use email. This is false. Email usage has stayed the same. Pretty much every site, bank, and bill asks for an email address and uses email to communicate with everyone. If anything, millennials don’t like paper mail, but they do like email and they keep it right near them with their expensive mobile devices.

Social Is an Addition Not a Replacement – When you realize that you don’t own social media networks, or your followers, and that anything can happen, you realize how important email addresses are. Use the new ways to connect to your audience, but never let go of email – at least not yet.

Your Competitors Are Doing It – This is one of the most important things to remember. Your competition is using email, and they’re using it successfully. It may seem like a lot of work to build your list and create email series, and do email marketing correctly. However, it’s more effective than social, and that’s a fact, or larger companies would stop doing it. In fact, even spammers would stop using email if their campaigns did not work.

If you want to be successful online, you don’t have to use email. But, if you want to maintain a long-term business and be successful long term no matter what happens to the free services of social media, then you’ll work hard to build your email list. And as you do it and start marketing to it, you’ll soon discover the power of email marketing and why it’s still important.

How Not to Annoy Your Audience – the Key to Effective Email Marketing

email marketingEmail marketing might not be as easy as it sounds.  Once you get someone on your email list, it’s important to keep them there, and keep them happy. If you send them misleading messages, too many messages, or the wrong type of messages, they’ll leave the list, and they might even report you for spam.  If your messages become an annoyance, people won’t care what you have to say or offer.  There are really good ways to avoid annoying your audience, and all it takes is being very aware of these factors in your messages. Its all has to do with the frequency and type of emails that you choose to send them.

Tips to To Make Your Email Marketing Work:

Don’t Use Clickbait Subject Lines –- Create subject lines that really mean something to your audience. Instead of trying to trick people into clicking, make the subject line be something that meets a need or serves a purpose to them. Misleading subject lines don’t work and just make readers upset. Instead, use subject lines that actually represent what you’ll be saying in the email message.

Don’t Send Too Many Email Messages – If your email marketing frequency is too much, you’ll just irritate your audience. They’ll feel as if you’re sending them spam and you don’t want that. Each email message needs to have a purpose, and it has to provide something authentic and useful to your audience.

Don’t Ignore Them for Months – On the other hand, if your email marketing isn’t providing contact regularly, that won’t work either.  You don’t want to ignore your subscribers for too long. They’ll forget that you exist, and, once again, they may end up thinking that your information is spam. You want to find a happy medium between too many emails and not enough.

Provide Great Value to Them, Not Just Offers – Sometimes you need to send emails that are simply informational in nature. Let them know about a new blog post, or tell them something interesting. Ask for their opinion about something.  Anything that communicates to them that they are important to you, and that you will provide great information to them, not just sell to them.

Keep Your Email Offers Simple – When you do send a promotional email, it’s important not to send too many offers in one email. You want to give them a clear choice of how to act and not confuse the issues by overwhelming them with options.

Grammar COUNTS, Even in Emails – Good grammar is as important in email marketing as it is in a blog post or any other publication.  Even in email messages, the grammar you use is communicates your competence and attention to detail.  It says that your standard of quality and excellence is something you value, even in your personal communication. You don’t have to use perfect English teacher grammar, but you do need to avoid obvious oversights that give the impression that you don’t check your work.

Keep Your Emails Brief –- Many times people are reading emails on their smartphones or other mobile devices. Reading a long, drawn-out email can be draining on the eyes and mind, and hard to read on a phone. Short, sweet, and to the point is best when it comes to email messages.

Don’t Forget to Check the Links -– When you send the test message to yourself, take the time to click through to the links to ensure that they work as you expect. Broken links can destroy a marketing campaign, forcing you to resend messages.

Preview Your Emails – Finally, remember to preview your emails before they go out.  Send a test email to yourself.  Does it look right visually, especially in terms of any graphics?  Does it look as good on a mobile device as is does on a desktop?  Many people use smartphones to check emails, so making sure it looks good on a smartphone is a MUST.

Email marketing is an essential piece of your marketing strategy, but be mindful of these tips when composing your emails.  It can mean the difference between, “Hey I love this…it’s good stuff!” and being unsubscribed and reported as SPAM.


An Email List is Essential To Your Marketing Plan

email listIn today’s business world, having an email list is an absolutely essential piece to any healthy marketing plan. You can think of your email subscribers list as your personalized client pool, full of potential buyers for the future. That email list can be instrumental in your business success. There are a variety of ways to grow that list, depending upon the type of business you have. Customers can directly share their email addresses with you when they make purchases, potential prospects may fill out a form to receive your messages, or they may give you their email in exchange for a free offer you make to them. These email addresses are then collected into a database that allows you to easily send out messages both immediately and automated to all the people on your list, or specific ones that you choose.

Remember these helpful tips when utilizing email lists:

Email Is a Professional Way to Contact Customers – Today most consumers are accustomed to giving their email address to a business entity, or they realize that when they make a purchase the business will have their email address. This is a common way to communicate and contact customers, and it has become acceptable by most people.

Email Software Offers Simple Automation – A really special function that you can do with email marketing software is to automate some parts of your email messages to your customers, leads, and prospects. This means that messages that are educational, standard (like thank you messages), and they only have to be created once and sent to each person when appropriate, based on how you set up your autoresponder software.

Email Enables You to Add Value to Your Subscribers’ Lives – When you use email to contact people who have signed up to receive your messages, you are connected to them 24/7 in a very intimate way. This affords you the opportunity, if you plan for it, to add extreme value to your customers’ lives by sending them information that solves their problems, thereby increasing their engagement with you.

Email Marketing Increases Conversion Rates – There is no denying that email marketing is one of the most, if not the most, effective forms of marketing that has ever existed. By using email to teach prospects about your business and offerings, you can increase conversions.

Email Marketing Creates Repeat Customers – Your best bet for increasing sales is to always keep your customers happy so that they become repeat customers. Repeat customers offer you the ability to increase your income exponentially. You simply need to use the customer list to tell them about other offerings that may be of interest to them.

Email Allows You to Get to Know Your Audience Better – Email is your opportunity to speak one-on-one with someone. This allows you to use email to send out polls to find out information about your audience. Some email software will let you know things about your audience simply based on the information they can get from the person’s email address and the files on record with Google and other email address providers.

Email Keeps You Super Close to Your Customers – Thanks to smartphones, you’re always with your customers at any time of the day. It doesn’t even matter if the message is automatic; you can contact them 24/7 easily with just a click of a button, and you are as close as the palm of their hand.

Email Allows You to Educate Your Audience – A really awesome feature of having an email address for leads, prospects, or clients is that you can send them information that educates them about their problems and then introduces them to the solutions, without browbeating or having to make cold calls.

Having an email list means that you may spend some time up front collecting email addresses from leads, prospects and customers. But the countless uses for email marketing and the contact it allows with your audience pays off in the end. It allows customers to hear you out on their own time, which is preferable to most prospects, so email marketing is a win-win for everyone involved.

In the Age of Social Networking – Why Email Marketing Still Works for Online Business

email marketingMany people wonder if they still need Email Marketing now that we have interactive social media. But, there are many reasons that point to why you should still be email marketing, and in fact Email Marketing is still more effective and preferable if you have to choose one over the other.

Why Email Marketing may be your best marketing option

1. It’s a Numbers Game – More people have email accounts than they do social media accounts, and more people still purchase through email than they do through social media messages. Plus, the truth is that social networks are still limiting your ability to get to your audience even when they have consented to receive your messages by liking your pages.

2. Email Is More Personal – People often check their email messages on their cell phones, mobile devices and computers and love to see something specifically addressed to them. Email gives you the personalization options that social media never can. When you send a social media message it is going out to all audience members with no personalization (unlike email), which makes them feel rather generic.

3. It’s More Businesslike – With social media you have to contend with cat videos and baby laughing videos, but with email messages your audience has signed up to receive your business transactional emails and are expecting to get promotions. That makes email much more businesslike than social media, even LinkedIn, can dream of being.

4. Email Gets More Attention – People are much more likely to open and engage with a personalized email message than they are to engage with your social media marketing campaigns. That’s why social media marketing should be engaged to build your email list rather than promote products directly.

5. People Expect Your Email – Everyone has signed up to receive your email. They’ve given their permission for you to send them marketing messages and are expecting to receive them. In fact, if you don’t send them often enough, they will get frustrated that you’re not sending them enough messages and forget about you.

6. They Agree to Receive Your Email – Your audience has agreed to receive your email messages, which is a big thing. When someone “likes” your social media page they actually aren’t expecting promotions to appear on their wall, but when they sign up to get your email messages they are expecting to get promotions, sales, and information about your products and services.

7. They Will Receive Your Email – If you join a reputable email autoresponder service (we love Active Campaign), your email messages have over a 99 percent chance of getting into your customer’s inbox, whereas reports are showing that less than 10 percent of your social media followers or “likes” are seeing your messages.

8. Email Is Easier to Track – Email autoresponder software has better analytics than social media at this time in history. You’ll be able to measure your metrics better so that you’ll know whether your goals are being met or not.

In terms of online marketing, it’s clear that if content is king; Email Marketing is queen. No serious business person should give up on email marketing in favor of social media marketing. Right now social media marketing is too limited, not personal enough, and reaching your audience is still not a sure thing like it is with email marketing. We’d love to hear what you think? Enter a comment below or contact us if you have questions.