Subtle Ways to Persuade Others to Follow Your Lead

Ways to Persuade OthersGetting other people to follow your lead can seem like a daunting task, but in reality it’s all about psychology. If you’re seen as an authority in your topic, and you are committed and consistent about getting a particular result, you’ll be able to influence all types of people to follow your lead. As you set out on your journey to lead others, keep this tips in mind in order to influence people to really follow you:

8 Subtle Ways to Persuade Others

Be Committed – Your passion about your niche shows through your actions. If you are willing to stick with people and listen to them, you can come up with solutions based on their problems and concerns, and therefore be able to prove that commitment to their cause.

Be Consistent – Don’t say one thing yet do another; always be consistent in your words and actions. There is a saying, “actions speak louder than words” that is so important when you want other people to follow you. When people see that you walk your talk, they’ll follow you anywhere.

Give Back – Always be a giver if you want to be able to persuade people. Most people are naturally repulsed by takers, but they love givers. If you can show how much of a giver you are in some tangible way, your audience will follow be likely to follow you.

Collaborate – When you come to a concern or problem, make people feel as if they’re part of the process by asking for their input. Collaboration is the key to having people trust you and follow you. When people feel they have a voice, they are empowered to make choices, and that choice is usually to follow you.

Provide Social Proof – When other people give you compliments and testimonies that state your expertise, it will help people who don’t know you yet to trust you faster. You can do this via social media networks or in the form of testimonials on your website. It’s as easy as asking people for a quote when they are thanking you or complementing you.

Build Authority – Building authority means providing lots of great content for your audience. There are many ways you can deliver that content, including writing a book, blogging, posting on LinkedIn, and doing interviews. You can also host webinars using Google Hangouts or

Increase Your Likability – Be a positive person who stands by your convictions. If you show that you can be a source of solution or your audience, and that you can help encourage the people you serve while you are at it, more people will like you and trust you, making it more likely that they’ll follow your lead.

Set a Time Limit – When you want people to do something, the worst thing you can do is give them unlimited time to get it done. Always set a time limit for everything you want other people to do. It doesn’t matter what it is; limit the amount of people who can participate and set a time limit. It will give people the sense of urgency they need when they choose to follow you.

When you have proof that you know what you’re talking about, followers who will sing your praises, and you are simply a likable person with integrity, people will trust you and, consequently, begin to follow you. If you want people to follow your lead, be someone that people can be sure of and be proud that they are following! It starts with YOU.

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