STOP THE MUNDANE!! Stand Out with Your Marketing

Guest Post by Jack Klemeyer

Stand out with your marketing - be bright, bold and brilliant!

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Marketing is a funny – and fun – thing, isn’t it?

Marketing is that place where you can really show your personality and make an impact on the marketplace. So why do we tip-toe through it?

Make a splash, a statement… and more sales

Look at the recent uproar over the plain red cups Starbucks has introduced for the holiday season. I mean plain – as in nothing but red. People have come to expect some design and the plain just threw everyone for a loop. There’s all sorts of speculation about “why” and what “statement” they were making, but let’s look past all that.

The fact is that it has made a big splash and you can bet that people who don’t normally patronize Starbucks will stop in for something just to see what all the talk is about. Even if they only stop once – or maybe twice when they bring someone at the office to see the “plain cups” – sales will go up.

And that’s not because of a statement or anything other than the fact that the plain red cup made a splash. It was different, unexpected, and fueled speculation and conversations.

So, why not you?

Yeah, why not you? Why create the “same old” marketing piece? Give people something to think about, something to smile about, something that they will keep on their desk because it’s unique. On-line, give them something they will forward to a friend or share through social media. Your business is attached and goes right along with all those shares and forwards. Isn’t that what you want?

A few words of caution in this: Stay true to your brand and personality. You don’t want to be known for a “gimmick.” But that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun and let your sense of humor show. Be you, be your UNIQUE and valuable sales proposition, but make marketing work for you.

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jack klemeyerGrow Your Business™ Coaching founder Jack Klemeyer is recognized as a preeminent resource for business professionals. As a John Maxwell Certified coach, speaker, trainer and facilitator of Mastermind groups for business owners and professionals, his results-driven philosophy calls for action and accountability. He and his Grow Your Business™ team are dedicated to taking businesses and their owners to the next level. Jack can be reached at or at 317-755-6963. Learn more at

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