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Content is still the best way to convey information to your audience. People search for it every day on the Internet. As an online business owner or an offline business owner with an online presence, what is your website offering to potential customers? Stagnant content is not going to cut it. If writing is not your forte or you don’t know how to fit article writing into your schedule, consider using the methods laid out in “10 Minute Articles.”

When it comes to making money as your own boss, time is of the essence. Spending too much time on any one process, like article writing, lowers your hourly rate overall. When you’re starting out, the business might be on a tight budget. Outsourcing may not be in the cards for you. The ten minute program developed by Jonathan Boettcher shows you how to get rid of your writer’s block, brainstorm hundreds of ideas in a short period of time and get those articles written in no time flat. This system provides you with the strategies for coming up with magnetic article headlines, enticing resource boxes and targeted content. Increase your productivity and grow your business.

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