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So what exactly do Rainmakers do best?

Well, actually there's a bunch of things, I have experienced Rainmakers as such a giving community of business people - there is always someone willing to lend a hand or support a worthy cause. But what I feel like Rainmakers definitely do best is make connections. I've never seen a community like this.

Hi, I'm Neil Richmund, I have been a Rainmaker for the last 12 years, and my business has been 100% built on connections I have made in Rainmakers. As I have moved into a couple of different business ventures over those years I have always had people who were ready and willing to make new connections for me. Kudos to those who have (and continue to do that).

There is something that I feel many Rainmakers do not do so well (oh and it isn't just Rainmakers by the way, it's most business people), and it relates to what happens after the meeting.

You see, when we follow up, we are invariably going to do some research - maybe take a look at their LinkedIN profile, look ("stalk") them on Facebook maybe, and perhaps even do a Google search. That's when the problem comes - there is either no information about them on Google, or it's down right embarrassing.

We don't take the time to make sure that our website (personal & business - yes, I recommend both, especially if you are networking), are the best representation of you, your brand and your messaging.

That's where I want to come in - I want you to love your website. Why? Because that's where you can 100% control your story. You can clearly state the pain that you solve.

Not sure if your're there right now?

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