Overall Customer Experience Optimization

customer experience optimizationToday, brands have to go a lot further to please their customers than in the past. The experience of each and every customer is important to the point of brands having to consider the experience of one user over the masses. After all, you want each customer to come away with a relevant experience that they want to tell others about.

How a customer experiences your brand has a lot to do with various aspects of your offerings and at what level they entered your product funnel. You want each customer to feel that you thought of them throughout their entire journey regardless of where they entered, in a way that differentiates you from the competition.

How to Improve Your Brand’s Customer Experience

1. Know Your Customer – You hear it all the time, and you’re likely tired of it; but the fact is, if you don’t know who your customer is and what they stand for, you’ll have a hard time creating products, services, information or platforms that resonate with them.

2. Talk Their Language – If you want to be relevant to your customer then you need to speak their language. Spend time in communities with your customer to find out how they speak to each other so that you can comfortably talk to them the way they talk to each other.

3. Be True to Your Brand – Know your voice, and which images evoke the feelings that you want your customer to feel. If you remember to tell your story with the focus on the customer, you can both be true to your brand and your customer.

4. Deliver Enormous Value – In order to truly improve your customers’ experience, deliver the best value you can afford to deliver. Under promise and over deliver for every product or service you create for your audience, every single time. If your sales pages promise the moon, make sure to include the stars too.

5. Make It Timely – You want to be sure to deliver the right product at the right time. This happens with continuous research into what your audience wants, needs, and expects, as well as a good understanding of the technology available to you to make delivery better.

6. Provide Options – Most consumers today like having options. If you can provide your customer with different options including delivery methods, formats, and price points, you’ll have much happier customers.

7. Let Your Customers See You – Let your customers in on who you are, and what your voice is and what you stand for. If they can get to know you and feel as if they know you, you can build an entire community of fans waiting to buy your next product.

8. Ask for Feedback – Don’t skimp on getting feedback from current customers at every stage of the buying process. The more you ask, the more answers you’ll get, and the better your presentation and product can become.

Poor customer experience is a main factor in lack of repeat purchases among previous customers. Even if your product delivered what you said it would, if getting it was difficult, or navigating your website was hard, they’re not likely to want to do it again. It’s up to you to ensure that each customer’s experience is optimized from end to end in order to maximize potential earnings – because getting a new customer costs a lot more than keeping the ones you have.

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