Online Reputation – How to Bury Negative Information You Don’t Want Known

online reputationIf you recently Googled yourself and found out that something shows up that you don’t want people to focus on or know about, your online reputation may be in jeopardy, but there are a few steps you can take to bury the information. Depending on how active the people spreading the information are will affect your success, but if you work hard you can bury the negativity.

Here’s how you can improve your online reputation and bury negative information

Set Up Publicly Viewed Profiles on Social Media

The more public profiles and active social media accounts you can maintain that have positive information about you, the lower down the search results you’ll push any negativity. The key here is that each profile must be public, mention your company, your name or both, and the products and services that the negative information is about. If you can identify the keywords that resulted in the negative results, try to include them too.

Engage Publicly on Forums, Articles, Blog Posts, and Social Media

Making positive and helpful comments online in public in your name whenever you can is an important way to negate negative content that is floating around out there about you and your business. Provide well thought-out comments and posts that use good grammar, proper spelling, and that sound intelligent. It will make you look a lot more trustworthy and smarter to the public.

Ensure That All Your Online Real-Estate Connects Together

Within the profile confines, be sure that every one of your social media profiles link to your website and blog and when possible each other. You want a connection to be known so that everyone knows that you are really you. Then be sure to use these accounts to make comments, post useful content, and share important industry news with your followers. Everything you can do on your online accounts to increase activity will help.

Dominate Negative Keywords

By negative keywords we mean the keywords that bring up the negative results that you found. Write blog posts that feature these words, and turn them into a positive. If you found the negative search with specific words, use those specific words in blog posts, videos, and tags for pictures and in titles of blog posts. The more you use it in a positive manner, the lower down the search results the negative issue will be found.

Get Some Help

Have some other people help you conduct searches to help identify more words and negative information. Google often provides results particular to you so it’s important to get others to help. There are firms you can hire, but you can also ask a virtual assistant to do it – as well as close family and friends that you don’t mind knowing about the negative information.

Enlist Friends and Family to Say Good Things

Your friends and family can comment on message boards, blogs, and in social media too. Instruct them to keep everything positive at all times but to casually mention your business in their comments in a positive way can definitely help your online reputation. Plus, ask them to leave positive feedback on rating sites.

Ask Affiliates and Business Partners for Testimonials

You don’t have to tell your affiliates or business partners about the negative search results, but you can increase your efforts asking for positive testimonials from them. Ask for a testimonial on LinkedIn, your website and more. Ask them to write blog posts about you and tell them you’ll write it yourself and they can edit it. Whatever you can do to increase the good words out there about you, the better.

Do More Interviews

Interviews are a great way to get rid of negative search results and bury them under goodness. You can go to your business partners, affiliates and colleagues again to get interviews. If you have a virtual assistant, task them with getting you at least one interview per week to talk about a few different subjects you can let the interviewees choose from. If you don’t have one, then you’ll have to do the leg work yourself, but opening yourself up to interviews will definitely help push down the negativity.

Pushing down negativity and repairing your online reputation may take some time, but it can be done if you put an all-out effort. In fact, shouldn’t you be doing this at all times anyway? If you do, you won’t have to worry that much about one online blunder.

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