Major Google Update Alert

Google recently made a new addition to their ever-growing list of ranking factors for websites. If you’re wondering whether your site passes this “mobile friendly” test, read on.

Mobile Traffic & Blurred Lines


​For many websites, projections like the one shown above have come true and the number of visitors they get from mobile devices has edged ahead of the number of desktop visitors.

In fact, with phones, tablets, phablets and notebooks of all shapes and sizes, the lines between mobile devices and non-mobile devices have become rather blurry. The one thing that is for certain is that people are viewing your website on a wide variety of screen sizes and clicks are being replaced by taps.

No wonder then, that Google announced “mobile friendliness” as a new ranking factor for web pages.

What You Need to Know

If a page passes the mobile friendly test, it gets this addition in search results (only visible when via search from a mobile device):​


In addition, your chances of getting a front-page ranking for any given search term are lower, if a page doesn’t pass the test. How can you know how your own website fares? Luckily, there’s a simple test you can run:

Click to Run Google’s Mobile Friendly Test

This all comes into affect on April 21, so we encourage you to run the test on your site, if it doesn’t pass, don’t take the chance of losing your site ranking, contact us to for mobile website solutions that will keep you in front of your clients and prospects.

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