How to Use Audio in your Marketing – “How To” Series #3

Audio is a such great way to expand your market. If you start thinking about how you can add audio to your content marketing efforts, you’ll improve your connection with your audience. This in turn will boost sales by making a stronger connection to your target audience and current customers, creating more repeat buyers.

9 Ways to Market Your Business with Audio

1. Make Audio Available on iTunes – If you can get approved to be on iTunes with whatever audios you create, not only can you expand your audience, but you can also earn some extra money, thus creating a new income stream.

2. Use Audio to Increase Opt-Ins – When your target audience clicks to get more information for your products and services, how would it make a difference if you were talking to them with your voice to explain what you have to offer?

3. Create Audio Testimonials – Ask your fans to create audio testimonials. You can set up a special number for them to call which records their testimonial. Then you can use the recording on your website. Set up a Google number using Google Voice.

4. Add Voice to Your Blog Posts – Using the software you probably already have on your computer (search for sound recorder) to record yourself reading your blog posts, you can easily add the recording to the blog post as a choice over reading.

5. Create an Audio Version of Your EBooks – Using the same software mentioned above, you can record your voice reading all of your eBooks so that you can offer a recording of your eBooks on iTunes or other places where audio books are sold.

6. Interview Experts Regularly – People love hearing two people conversing and nothing is better than listening to an expert talk about the things you’re interested in. If you can find experts to help you create recordings, so much the better.

7. Create a Webinar – Another way to use audio is to create a webinar, which has both voice and video. A webinar can help your audience feel much more connected to you because they can hear your voice and also see you.

8. Have a Teleseminar – Want to really get close to your audience? Offer regular teleseminars for your “inner circle” subscribers. If you do this once a month or so, be sure to record them because you can use the recordings to create other products.

9. Repurpose Everything – When anything is in one format, remember that you can recreate it into a new format. A blog post can become an audio post, and vice versa. The more you repurpose your products and information, the more people you can reach.

Using audio for marketing is a great way to get new interest, find new customers, and to boost your brand across the internet. Audio can breathe new life into your marketing if you figure out interesting ways to use it, giving your followers and fans a new way to interact and engage with you.

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