How to Set Up a Sales Funnel

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Set up a Sales Funnel: How to Set Up High Converting Sales Funnels [Kindle Edition]

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Are you familiar with sales funnels? Every business has one, but not everyone gives it the attention that it deserves. It is the process of how you go from gaining traffic to your site to converting that traffic to profitable sales. In “Set up a Sales Funnel,” you will learn how to go from traffic with no results to making the sale consistently.

A sales funnel has several components. It is not enough to just drive traffic to your websites. They have to find something there that they want to take advantage of – that they need. You have to wow them with your offer on the opt-in page if you want to build your list and ultimately make the sales conversion. If you aren’t sure what to do or how to fix your current funnel, this book provides step-by-step instructions.

This volume covers everything from conversion strategies to creating your product and sales videos. It gets as technical as you need it to be to craft the perfect funnel from start to finish. Everything you need to know is here and available to you in 60 seconds with this kindle edition book.

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