How to Improve Your Ratings and Reviews

ratings and reviewsGetting great ratings and reviews across your social media accounts like Yelp!, Amazon, and other locations is a great way to build your business. But, sometimes business owners need a little help knowing how to handle the review process to ensure great the best possible results. Here are some tips.

How to Get Great Ratings and Reviews

Follow the Rules – Each network has its own rules. It’s important that you follow them so that you don’t get banned or let non-compliance  harm your ratings and reviews.

Fill Out Profiles Fully – Any place you can put a profile, ensure that you’ve filled it out all the way. Include all the images you can, and include as much information as possible in order to give people enough information about you and your business.

Provide Top-Notch Customer Service – When you provide the best service, you’re going to inspire the best ratings and reviews. If your attention to detail in meeting customer needs is flawless, your customers will love you.  If you encourage them to give you feedback, satisfied customers will tell people about it.  If you under promise and over deliver, people will be blown away and, as a result, give you great ratings and reviews.

Don’t Ignore Negative Reviews – It’s important to take any negative reviews and try to turn them into positive reviews. Phrase a response that is kind, generous, and helpful, and then also contact them privately to fix the issue.  Your overall ratings and reviews will still improve if you take care of negative reviews appropriately.

Check the Filters – On some rating sites, they have filters that try to prevent false reviews from coming through, but they also sometimes filter out correct and good reviews. Be sure to check those filters to ensure that the good ones truly are getting through.

Ask Loyal Customers to Help – When someone has purchased from you, you simply want to follow up with them and ask them to give you a review. Make it easy for them by giving them a link to the places you want them to leave a review.  If you want to boost your ratings and reviews, it makes sense to start with the satisfied customers you already have.

Ask Friends and Family to Help – For some communities this is a rule breaker, so be careful and follow the TOS for any platform. But, if your friends and family can drop by and give good comments about you, that’s an easy way to help improve your ratings and reviews.

Remove Obvious Spam – The one exception to ignoring a bad review is when it’s obvious spam. The best course of action for spam is to simply delete it without comment and, if possible, block the person.

You can improve your ratings and reviews with just a little extra attention to the process. It will help immensely if you ask others for help to get more good reviews. Good reviews can even bury the bad reviews. Don’t forget that you can even turn bad reviews into good reviews by having a good response.  Being intentional about these tips will pay off, and you can quickly improve your ratings and reviews.

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