How to Get More Customers to Take Action

Getting and keeping eyes upon your business is an expensive and time-consuming task. You want to make sure that you have a chance to attract all of the customers that you can. You also want those customers you have to purchase and continue to purchase loyally from your products and services. How can you foster customer loyalty, while propelling more customers into action.

Offer a Value Proposition

What is your value to the marketplace? Without knowing this specific, important answer, it’s hard to be able to market anything, much less to catch the eye of your target demographic. Figure out how to say in as few words as possible how critical you are to your potential clients. This is your product’s value, and helps you know more about your target demographic as well as yourself. It isn’t possible to advertise your marketing value to the marketplace as a whole unless you know why your product and services are both valuable and of value to your potential customers.

Gamify the Experience

Everybody loves to play some sort of game, and identifying which one is useful to you can help you be able to get customers to follow through with the actions you want. Gamification can help trigger call-to-action events among customers. This can include things like scratch offs on mailers which lead to coupons, or even “wheel of fortune” spins to see what percentage they can “win” when they register their email addresses.

Superlatives and Time Limits

There’s a reason that much of advertising copy includes exclamation marks! Telling your customer to take action sometime in the future, maybe, if they think about it, isn’t nearly as effective as offering reasons they must take action right now. You want that sense of urgency and the feeling that something will be lost if action is not taken. Great ad copy can feel a little like a carnival barker urging a crowd. Pushing to make a purchase now, wanting to progress this second, and other urgency propels customers towards making choices that otherwise they might forget to complete.

Advertising needs to be fun, both to catch the eyes and pocketbooks of your potential customers. Look for ways to make the process of purchase easy, urgent, and valuable to those you are seeking in your targeted demographic. Your ideal customer will feel their best when they get a little razzle dazzle along with their marketing!

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