How to Create Targeted Email Messages

targeted email messagesIt is so important that the messages you send to people who are in your database are targeted email messages. Why is it so important? So many people who sign up to get email marketing messages end up regretting that they did. They end up feeling like all they get is spam and even get to the point that they eventually stop opening the emails.  When they finally do open them, it’s only to unsubscribe. Here’s how to stop this happening to your messages.

Tips for Creating Targeted Email Messages

Study Your Audience – Never think that you know enough about your audience. You’ll need to know as much as you can know about them. If you really want to send targeted email messages to your audience, you have to know them!  Send surveys, study the particular demographic and get to know them as fully as you can so that you can better develop messages that mean something to your audience.

Segment Your Audience –- It helps if you niche down the audience into different segments to assist with writing more targeted messages. You can segment by behavior and demographics. The more niched down your segments are, the easier it will be to craft the messages, and the more targeted email messages will be to that particular group of people.

Ask the Audience What They Need – Use your email list to ask the audience directly what they need from you to make them open your emails. When you give them a say in that, they will feel more connected to you, and it will be easier to write messages because you will be sure of what they really want.

Watch and Engage with Your Audience on Social Media – Observe the interactions your audience have on social media. Watch their conversations, notice their questions, and try to give them what they need based on that interaction. Any single question can turn into a blog post, an email message, or even an information product.  Respond to them as well, because targeted email messages can also come from their responses to what you post!

Personalize Each Message with Names The software that you use to send out autoresponder messages comes with personalization features. If you get your audience to fill out their information and provide names as well as email addresses, then use it. Studies show that personalization gets more conversions.  The more connected they feel to you, the less likely they will end up dropping you. Also, instead of a business name or a cute name as the return address, use your own personal name. It will make the audience feel even more connected and trusting of you.  In addition to names, also use personal pronouns so they really feel like you are talking directly to them in your message.

Email marketing messages are important to help guide your audience to make smart purchases for themselves. Don’t be shy about sharing the benefits and the awesomeness of your products and services.  Just make sure you are hitting the target!

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