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"Neil Richmund Marketing has been instrumental in ensuring we are utilizing our website in the best of its abilities. His knowledge of best practices and outside the box thinking have led us to increased interactions on our website. He has also been a great help on assisting us in using a great email automation system. Anytime we have needed help with any issue he has been timely and helpful. Neil is worth more than 5 stars!"
Kayleigh Wagner
Community Foundation of Morgan County
"Neil is knowledgeable, personable and truly interested in helping his clients succeed. Whenever I need help, Neil is quick to offer a suggestion or to help. He has gone above and beyond in working with me. Quite frankly, we would not be able to continue helping people if it were not for Neil. Highly recommend!!"
Jim Wright
"The best website design and maintenance in the city of Indianapolis. Neil takes the time to learn your business and that makes your website more valuable. My company sales have doubled with my online sales website designed and maintained by Neil Richmund Marketing."
Doug Boes
"Neil was incredible to work with! At the beginning of revamping my company's website, I had no idea where to begin and Neil helped me so much! Now we have a clean, professional website and Neil was a huge component of that! He was quick to respond and thorough in his instruction! Neil is definitely who you want on your team with website needs and beyond!"
Taylor Crenshaw

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I've frustrated with my technology solutions before, so I know what it feels like.


By Neil Richmund

Over the years I’ve been introduced as everything from web designer to marketing strategist to data analyst to technology enthusiast…all hats I’ve been known to proudly wear!  As a marketing consultant however, my role has evolved as the changing landscape of marketing has evolved.  But one thing has remained constant: I love helping businesses get more prospects, more customers, more clients – and ultimately grow their business!

You see, when I started out on my marketing journey, I had a lot to learn.  After years of educating teenagers and the demands of investing all I had to give into being a teacher – I was worn out and not really even looking for “what was next”. Something though – drew me to being an entrepreneur – a business owner. If only someone had warned me about what that would look like. Well, too late now… I am hooked!!

Early on I did a lot of the leg work that I needed in my business in order to “get the job done”. I did my own sales, marketing, accounting and even created my own graphic design! What I did not want to attempt was building and managing my own website – no way in the world. So, I asked around and a number of people referred me to a web designer. You know how it goes from here – we started working on a site, which I was pretty happy with, but when I would log in to work on things it was just so frustrating and insult was being added to injury when I would ask my web designer for help and he would send me a bill everytime he helped me. I was so frustrated. There had to be a better way.

That’s when I discovered a course on building your own website – a WordPress website. I thought to myself, why not. What’s the worse that could happen, right? I could fail and just find another web designer, or this could be my “next big thing”. Little did I know (hundreds of website builds later) that it would indeed be the single biggest part of my business. I loved it and it totally made sense to me – and people were even hiring me to build a website for them!!!

When I created my first website, I was so excited! I had not only produced something that didn’t look half bad, I had taken control of my website. I could make changes whenever I wanted to, I was no longer dependent on someone else’s whims to get my changes made. I wasn’t spending thousands of dollars to get a site built (and boy have I built a few for myself since I built my first one), and more importantly I wasn’t forked over my hard-earned cash everytime I need a change made to my website. I could finally get what I wanted out of my site – when I wanted it.

Maybe you can identify with some of the struggles I had. Maybe you’ve reached a frustration level that’s boiling over, or maybe you haven’t even started yet and you are just looking for some direction and guidance when it comes to planning and building your first site. Either way, I’ve got you covered. I know what it’s like to be there and I know what it will take to get you where you want to go. So…

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5 Things You Can Do Right Now
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