Is Email Marketing Dead?

email marketingYou may have read that email marketing is dying. Guess what – it’s not true. According to Email Marketing Is Not Dead, there are many stats that prove their point. They collect stats about email marketing and they’re quite interesting. Let’s take a look at a few.

Why Email Marketing is Not Dead!

People Prefer Email for Communication with Businesses – This is a huge one. When you realize that people prefer to email with you than talk to you, or talk to you on social media, then you’ll know how important it is to maintain email marketing connections.

You Own Your List – Even if people don’t check email as often as they should, they actually do, but on their mobile. So if you’re not getting traction, ensure your email and website are mobile friendly.

B2B Email Marketing Rocks – If you’re promoting to businesses and business owners then you’re in luck, because 55% more sales are attributed to email marketing messages and email communication.

Client Acquisition – Email is 40 times better at converting a prospect into a customer than social media. This is enough for most people to realize that they need to build their email lists and market to their customers via email.

ROI Is Amazing – When done right, email marketing has an amazing ROI – usually about 24 times of cost. So if you spend a dollar on email marketing, chances are you’ll get 24 dollars back for your efforts.

The Young Still Use Email – One argument against email of late is that millennials don’t use email. This is false. Email usage has stayed the same. Pretty much every site, bank, and bill asks for an email address and uses email to communicate with everyone. If anything, millennials don’t like paper mail, but they do like email and they keep it right near them with their expensive mobile devices.

Social Is an Addition Not a Replacement – When you realize that you don’t own social media networks, or your followers, and that anything can happen, you realize how important email addresses are. Use the new ways to connect to your audience, but never let go of email – at least not yet.

Your Competitors Are Doing It – This is one of the most important things to remember. Your competition is using email, and they’re using it successfully. It may seem like a lot of work to build your list and create email series, and do email marketing correctly. However, it’s more effective than social, and that’s a fact, or larger companies would stop doing it. In fact, even spammers would stop using email if their campaigns did not work.

If you want to be successful online, you don’t have to use email. But, if you want to maintain a long-term business and be successful long term no matter what happens to the free services of social media, then you’ll work hard to build your email list. And as you do it and start marketing to it, you’ll soon discover the power of email marketing and why it’s still important.

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