Don’t Sell – Show Passion Instead with Your Video Marketing

video marketingIn today’s market, we have to be more and more creative about how we get the message out to our customers about what we have to offer.  But how to you get creative yet still remain authentic and trustworthy?  One of the best ways to do that is through video marketing.  Creating video advertisements is a great way to send a message to your audience.  However, the risk involved in creating them is that you can easily start sounding like a used car salesman instead of someone who is trying to inform, engage, and help your audience. So, let’’s focus in on what helps make a video advertisement work.

Tips for Effective Video Marketing

Tell a Story – Everyone has a story, and so does your brand and your product. When you tell the story you should be honest, transparent, and happy about the story. The story should be related to your ideal audience so that they connect with it.  Video marketing is a great way to capture the attention of your audience, especially when there is a good story behind it.

Show Your Excitement – When you’’re talking to your audience about your niche, show how excited you are about what you’’re saying. Let the audience in on your passion and love affair with the niche so that they can feel that same excitement.

Show Your Face – One of the greatest advantages to video marketing is the use of nonverbal communication.  Your eyes tell their own story, so people want to see them. Don’’t be afraid to show your face when you’’re telling the story because that will help your audience see the passion you have for the topic.

Interact with Your Viewers – Take the time to include links to facts and to other videos of yours inside the video you’’re creating. Links with clickable titles inside the video will help your audience digest more of your content and get to know more about who you are.

Use Appropriate Music – You can find royalty-free music to use for your videos that help tie everything together in an emotional way. Music can connect to your audience members’’ feelings and really tie together your message, and in a way that is faster than almost anything  else.

Drive Traffic – Use the video to drive traffic to your main products and/or services by mentioning them at the end of the video or in the description box, depending on where you host your videos and what the terms of service are.

Ask for Input – Your audience members will get excited when they see how passionate you are about your story. Moreover, when you ask for their input and give them an opportunity to share their story, they’’ll feel really enthusiastic and more relatable to you in their own telling.

Relate Your Message to Something Else – If possible, relate your products and services to something else that is good, such as a charity. You can donate a percentage of all profits to a particular charity about which you are really passionate, which can generate even more passion and energy to help get the word out about your own products and services.

When you show your feelings about your topic and really show your audience your passion about who you are and what you are there for, they’ll be very supportive of you. The reason is that they’’ll feel as if you relate to them on a whole different level than if you didn’’t show that passion. Your appetite for helping your audience will show through loud and clear in all your actions and interactions, and you will be someone who is authentic and helpful to your audience, and someone with whom they will wanto to engage. Most importantly, it will help you avoid the used car salesman stereotype they would otherwise want to tune out in your video marketing.

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