Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make!

social media marketing mistakesGetting your presence on social media is an excellent way to increase your following and make more money. However, there are many common mistakes that people make when engaging in social media marketing. If you are making any of these mistakes, don’t worry; it’s never too late to correct them and make it better.

Social Media Marketing “No-No’s” To Avoid

Not Engaging with Your Followers – When your followers make a comment on something, share or ask a question, don’t wait too long to respond. If you have someone monitoring your social media, have them inform you of ongoing conversations and potential areas of engagement.

Not Filling Out Your Profile Completely – Incomplete profiles make your business look either sloppy, or fake. If you want to be taken seriously, fill out a complete profile with a good profile picture, your company logo/banner and information so that you can be contacted outside of the network.

Not Focusing on Follower Quality – Some people make the mistake of focusing on the quantity of followers rather than the quality. You want to concern yourself with finding followers who are potential customers.

Not Posting Regular, Relevant Updates – If you aren’t active on social media posting things that resonate with your audience, then you’re not going to get any traction. If you plan to be successful with social media marketing it takes perseverance and patience, not one-hit wonders.

Not Choosing Your Channels Wisely – You don’t need to be on every single social media channel. Be on the channels that your audience love and that will work out fine.

Not Automating Some Actions – There are a lot of things, such as scheduled updates, that you can automate on social media. Be sure to use scheduling when possible as long as it doesn’t make you look robotic.

Not Interacting Personally – Every chance you get, it’s important to make spur-of-the-moment updates that are relevant to your business and your goals. This will make you look more real in the eyes of your followers.

Not Personalizing Messages for the Channel – Sending out a mass message, using software, to all of your social media networks that you’ve connected with, is a big mistake. Most of the time, you’ll have leads who are on more than one account. If you do this they’ll quickly feel bored or worse, spammed.

Using social media marketing in your business is a proven technique to get more customers, make more sales, and increase your bottom line, but only if you avoid these mistakes. Take one item at a time and make the improvements needed to get on the right track so that you make your social media marketing profitable for your business.

Secrets of Highly Effective Social Media Marketing Experts

social-media-marketingSuccessful social media marketing experts know what it takes to make social media work for you. Aside from including regular updates, relevant posts, and stand-out content, make sure that you stay involved in each social media network in a personal way.

Secrets of Social Media Marketing Experts

Make Your Social Media Profiles Stand Out – Fill out your social media profiles in full, and learn what constitutes best practices for social media profiles on that particular network. Each network has its own personality that you should mind, but let your personality shine through too.

Make the Right Connections – If you can connect with other experts and movers and shakers, you’ll be able to get more traction because if you can have a conversation with them, all their followers will see it.

Make Your Business Pages Interactive and Informative – Don’t skimp on making your pages represent your business appropriately. On each social media network you can create pages that look awesome and get results.

Share Relevant Industry Topics – If you want to quickly become a go-to expert, find relevant industry news and share it with your followers. Don’t worry; giving it away works.

Join the Conversation – Don’t just be a robot by posting things without ever commenting and entering into discussions with others. You want to jump right in and talk to others just like you would if you were at a live social gathering.

Learn to Use Hashtags Correctly – Hashtags help you organize and search for relevant content on social media. Always use the # before the word, use no punctuation, keep it as short as possible and use letters and numbers.

Advertise Strategically – Running advertisements on social media is a great way to get the word out about a new product or service. However, be strategic when running an advertisement so that you know exactly what you expect to achieve with it.

Use Sponsored Ads and Posts – When you have something important to get across to your audience, it’s important to use sponsored ads where many eyes are on the post. Mind your budget.

Hire an Experienced Copywriter – For some of the posts, it’s imperative that you work with a copywriter who understands your business and your voice, to help you with many of the posts and get them right within the space needed.

Be Yourself When You Post – When you are in a discussion on social media, outside of representing your business you are also representing yourself. Be who you are so that your social media presence has a personality.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when you get involved with social media marketing. Follow the experts and do what they are doing. Focus on differentiating yourself and being a real person with a unique voice that represents your business.

How to Use Google+ to Develop a Following and an Audience

google-plusGoogle+ is not the place to put advertisements and marketing information. Instead it’s a place to get to know people, let them get to know you, and post the things that are interesting, informative, interactive and inspirational. You want people to see what you have to say, make you part of their circles and come to your Google Hangouts.

8 Ways You Should be Using Google+

1. Use Buttons and Badges – There are several badge types and buttons that you can grab the code for to help people find you from other online properties, but there are also buttons and badges you can use within Google+ that can assist with people finding your Google Hangout and other activities. Follow the rules of Google badges and buttons for proper use.

2. Get Verified – Google allows you to verify your business, yourself and your profiles. Be sure to do the process. The extra steps are an excellent way to build trust with others. After all, your focus is on building an audience of followers who want to get to know you better. If you’re not verifiably you, it won’t work as well.

3. Post Enough – Google+ is not Twitter, or Facebook. You don’t need a continuous stream of posts. Post things that are thoughtful, smart, informative and engaging two or three times a day unless one thing you post causes a lot of stir, in which case focus on that one for that day.

4. Identify and Engage Influencers – Use the tools that Google+ has developed such as Ripples, Search and Explore. When someone pluses up one of your posts, you can use the Explore link to find out more about them and Ripples to find out how far, and who else has shared your post, and who with. These are likely new people that you can add to your circles.

5. Add a Google+ Link to Your Website – Seems like a no-brainer but you must put your Google+ link on your website and other social media. Cross-promoting is the best way to get people to follow you because some people prefer one type of social media over another.

6. Interact with Others – Don’t just plus things; also comment, discuss, and find ways to interact with others on Google. When you do that, they’re likely to add you to their circles faster, building your following and an audience quickly.

7. Promote Other People’s Posts – It’s important that if you see a post someone made that fits your audiences, you comment on it and share it. Starting the sharing will help others want to do the same for the things you share.

8. Use Google Hangouts – You want to collaborate, communicate and discus with like-minded people on Google Hangouts. This is an excellent way to build a following and an audience who is ready to watch you and interact with you. Hold regular round table discussion with other colleagues live on Google Hangout so that the public can watch.

Google+ is very useful to help you get more traffic to your website, as well as help you accumulate a fast-growing group of followers who will interact with you. Yes, eventually they will find their way to your sales pages, and buy from you too. But, being more interested in building relationships on this social media platform is the best way to go about it.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media [Infographic]

You probably hear a lot about what you should or should not do with social media. It get’s very confusing, I know. We found this great infographic that sorts out some of these myths and gives some great suggestions and direction for your use of social media.

Here are some of our favorites:

  • DO plan ahead. Creating a monthly calendar of any special days or content you want to distribute can help to keep your social channels timely and fresh.
  • DON’T forget to monitor. You should be monitoring your channels daily for comments, compliments and complaints so that you can respond to them effectively.
  • DO reshare content. Social media is all about community, so reshare and engage with the content of others that is relevant to your audience.
  • DON’T plagiarize content. Resharing is one thing, copying content and branding it as your own is another. Always give credit where credit is due.

Check out the entire infographic below.

The Dos and Don'ts of Social Media for SMEs

Want to Get the Biggest Bang for Your Social Media Buck?

We’ve all heard the stories about people who are “raking it in” with social media (at least that’s what they are telling us), but the reality for many is it just doesn’t ring true. You are probably struggling to use social media in a way that drives business. The reality is, using social media to promote your business can be lucrative if you know what to do to make the most of it. You have to remember that social media is not a short-term game. It takes time and commitment as well as a specific goal in mind.

How to Use Social Media to Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck!

Complete Your Profiles – Fill out your profiles completely, using keywords that your audience as well as search engines would use to find you. Show your personality, link to your online real estate, and make sure people can connect with you easily.

Post Quality Content – When you post anything on social media, take the time to consider whether the content is relevant, has quality components and will give your audience a reason to want to keep following you.

Play the Long Game – Social media marketing results don’t happen overnight. It can take months of consistent and focused activity to get the outcomes that you want. Don’t expect it to happen straight away.

Engage Influencers – Use the search function on all social media networks to find movers and shakers within your industry so that you can engage with them. Getting their attention in a good way will help increase your influence too.

Avoid Time Wasters – When you get on social media it’s very tempting to start looking at memes, talk to your friends and family, play Farmville, and pretend you’re working.

Do Unto Others – If you want people to comment and share your information, be sure that you do the same for other people. The best course of action is if someone markets to your same audience but is not direct competition. Work together to promote each other.

Pay for Promotion – When you are trying to get a more likes, followers or newsletter sign-ups, it’s a good idea to pay for promotion. On Facebook you can pay to promote particular posts, or run a pay-per-click ad relatively inexpensively.

Add Value – Don’t just like and tweet things without adding something to the conversation that is important. The more value you can add to social media discussions, the more people will want to get to know you and follow, friend and like you.

Using social media to promote your business is a great way to get more visitors to your website and make more sales. But, you have to be willing to be committed to taking the time to do what it takes to reach your goals. Avoid pretending to “work” on social media while you’re really just socializing. Set specific goals, develop tactics to reach the goals, and you will be successful.

A Match Made in Heaven – WordPress and Social Media

social-media-and-your-websiteWith the explosion of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, small companies might be wondering if they even need a business website.

Since social media sites offer many of the tools that a website offers, it may seem that social networking has now replaced the traditional business websites; but there are several things that a professional business website can offer that social media cannot.

However, WordPress makes linking social media to your company website easier than any other platform. Not only that, but going forward, your website and social media can work together to help you get more eyes on your business.

Here are some reasons you will always need a company website, in addition to social media:

  1. You Are the Owner  – When you create a WordPress website, you become the owner of it. Since WordPress is a content management system (CMS), it will never be sold and you’ll always have your own domain name. Although social media is a powerful way to engage with customers and bring in new business, all of your content placed on a social media site will be associated with the site’s brand.
  2. You Are in Control – On social media sites, users have an array of options, such as games, chats, pictures, and other business pages they can visit. With your own business website, you control everything that happens.
    There are no “social” features that distract your visitors, keeping the focus on your products and services. Additionally, readers won’t be bogged down with competitor advertisements.
  3. The Credibility Factor – While social media certainly helps your image via customer engagement and support, nothing can replace the authority that a high-quality, professional website brings. Having your own professional website and consistently loading it up with quality content can boost your credibility and ultimately drive in new business.

Keep in mind, however, that the best course of action is to incorporate social media into your business website. This way, you will have the best of both worlds.
You’ll be able to identify yourself as true leader in your industry through social engagement, as well as a professional website that accurately represents your brand. Tell us how you are using social media on your website to gorw your brand by adding a comment below?

The Ultimate Social Media Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

We found this Ultimate Social Media Cheat Sheet to help you quickly check the best formats for posting pictures and videos across the most popular social media platforms. Feel free to go through it and use it at your leisure. It’s always helpful to have a cheat cheet so you can get in and get the job done!

Social Media Cheat Sheet
Courtesy of: Prohibition PR

Which Social Media Sites Will Give Me the Biggest ROI?

Which-Social-Media-Sites-Will-Give-Me-the-Biggest-ROIGuest Post by Kathi Kruse

Social Media ROI may seem elusive but there are specific steps you can take to leverage the medium without going broke.

Marketing to generate leads for any business today requires a holistic approach that includes SEO, content (blog), Social Media and Social advertising. It’s difficult to know where to concentrate your resources but it bears close attention due to the investment it takes to succeed.

Now that Social Media marketing has gone mainstream…

Many business owners are left wondering which sites will give them the biggest ROI. The simple answer to that question is…whichever sites your customers are on.

However, true Social Media ROI is not that simple.

You must know your audience well to know where they spend their time. You must know your audience in order to engage them and convert them into customers.

Social Media sites are channels, just like radio or TV channels. Marketing campaigns are run on the channels where your ideal customers spend their time. Content is developed and published on those sites (just as it would be on traditional channels) and in return, people engage with your business.

But this is only a portion of your overall quest for Social Media ROI.

The only true way to establish and achieve Social Media ROI is with a solid marketing system.

A solid marketing plan will outline clear objectives, goals, a budget, a timeframe and trackable metrics. Your system’s goals could look something like these:

  • Increase Facebook likes by 1,000 in 30 days.
  • Improve Facebook page engagement by 20% within the next 6 months.
  • Generate traffic to our site and collect 500 new blog subscribers in the next 90 days.
  • Convert Facebook fans into customers by leveraging a budget of $500/month for social advertising.
  • Grow our Twitter following by 1,000 users in the next 90 days.
  • Develop and implement a solid content strategy that includes our employees’ participation in blog posts to increase visibility and reach with search engines.

I’ve always been a person who likes to think things through and create a plan with a system that brings me the best results for the time, money and effort I put into it. Many businesses simply hip-shoot their way onto Social Media, perhaps misunderstanding that since it’s free, they should participate. Here’s a little secret: Nothing is free.

People use Social Media sites to check in with friends, connect with their network, and share relevant opinions about the products and services they use. Your business needs to be there to listen, answer questions and nurture the sales process with those most likely to buy from you.

Below is a breakdown of the most popular Social Media sites. This is a bird’s eye view but it will give you a starting point from which to plan your quest for Social Media ROI:


Which Social Media sites give you the biggest ROI?

  • If you’re new and only have budget for one site, start with Facebook. It’s the biggest and offers the most opportunity.
  • Facebook also offers established businesses many opportunities, especially with Facebook ads. The ability to target those most likely to buy from you makes Facebook an obvious choice when you’re looking for the biggest Social Media ROI.
  • Twitter is great if your target audience likes to consume information on the go in 140 characters. It’s also an outstanding way to prospect by leveraging Twitter’s advanced search and industry-related hashtags.
  • Instagram is ideal for showing another side of your brand – perhaps the fun-loving, not-so-serious side of your business. However, the images you share need to be hi-quality to stand out. I can’t tell you how many businesses share images that are just so sad.
  • Pinterest is great for reaching women. In the car business, 85% of vehicle purchases are influenced by women so develop a content strategy that speaks to them.
  • Google Plus is a great platform for engaging with niche groups of people. The Circles tool allows you to tailor content to specific groups. Google Plus is also ideal for sharing your blog posts and gaining authority with search.
  • LinkedIn is the ultimate platform for your salespeople to develop a referral network and prospect for new customers. With LinkedIn Premium, your salespeople can leverage advanced search to locate those they want to connect with. Example: many car manufacturers have financing programs through large companies. Your salespeople can search for employees within those companies to prospect with.

Social Media ROI is clearly where your focus should be. Start with a solid marketing plan, a proven system, and identify your ideal audience before you begin any online marketing.

Goals and objectives provide a starting point from which to measure. During the lifecycle of your campaigns, track and analyze your results. When it’s time, you tie your results back to your goals. That’s true Social Media ROI.


391ae6095d4f3071074185b826183f91Kathi Kruse, Founder CEO at Kruse Control Inc.

Kathi Kruse is an Automotive Social Media Marketing Expert, Blogger, Speaker, Coach, Author and Founder of Kruse Control Inc. Born in the heart of Los Angeles to a family of “car people”, Kathi’s passion for the car business spans a 30-year career managing successful dealerships in Southern California. Kathi is the author of “Automotive Social Business – How to Captivate Your Customers, Sell More Cars & Be Generally Remarkable on Social Media”. Her Kruse Control Blog is the leading Automotive Social Media blog in the US.

The Social Media Checklist for Business

If you find yourself stumped at the prospect of using social media marketing to promote your business, our simple guide can help. Follow these easy suggestions to create a consistent social media internet marketing presence on multiple channels.

Sensible Social Media Checklist for Business v.3.0 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are You Making This Rookie Social Media Mistake? – Strategix Video Tip

We’ve all been there before, you’re a rookie. You don’t know how the game is played, or how “things are done here” so you just go with what you know, right? Well, that only gets you so far and then all of a sudden you realize you just don’t know what to do next. It’s a common scenario in life and it’s a common scenario when it comes to marketing with social media. Take a look at this week’s Strategix Tip and see if you are making this rookie mistake?

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