Thanksgiving Social Media Facts…In Case You’ve Got Nothing Better to Read!

As we hit Thanksgiving Day here in America, I figured most people aren’t looking at their social media posts or reading blogs, but… in case you have nothing better to do, here’s Thanksgiving by the “Social Media” numbers! Enjoy and a Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Defining Your Brand Through Pinterest Boards

Guest post by Andrew Jones

While you may think that simply having a presence on social media will lead to your success, I’ll be the one to break it to you—there’s much more to it than that. You have to hone your skills, know your audience, own your voice, and learn how to use your social media presence to your favor. If you can’t work your social media magic like the best of them, your online presence may not help you brand at all—and, even worse, sometimes it can have a negative effect. Because no one wants that, I’m here to give you a few tips on how to define your brand like a social media master, specifically through crafting well-thought out boards on Pinterest.

Why Pinterest?

You may find yourself wondering, “why Pinterest?” when we have so many different social media outlets available to us, and I’ll tell you: not only does Pinterest drive a crazy amount of referral traffic, but it is a proven marketing sensation for businesses of all kinds.

Because there’s a focus on visual content, it’s great for businesses that are in retail, the food industry, and home improvement or decorating—and even for businesses that aren’t, it’s a great platform for adding a human touch to your branding.

Make Sure That Your Boards Show What You’re All About

When it comes to defining your business’s brand through Pinterest boards, you should always make sure that you focus on topics that can accurately showcase your business’s goals. If you’re trying to promote a new clothing line, dedicate a board to your just-in styles.

If you’re in charge of beautifying your city’s urban areas and you’re trying to get individuals from your community involved, create a board that shows your progress and the successful interaction thus far. Every brand is different, and Pinterest boards help you organize your content in a way that is visually compelling and user-oriented.

There’s always a way to build a visual representation of your brand, and because it’s so easy for followers to repin things to their own boards, word spreads like wildfire. In a sense, your consumers even become your marketers!

Get Social With It!

Another thing that’s great about having an online presence through Pinterest is that you can easily build relationships with your customers, similar businesses, and influential pinners. You can share, like, and comment on pins, follow other users and other businesses, and ultimately drive more traffic to your website. All you have to do is update your content often with meaningful pins and you’ll be sure to define your brand and reach your target audience. However, if you really want to hit it out of the park, you can always take your marketing campaign one step further.

Go for the One-Two Punch

One component to utilizing your Pinterest boards is cross-promoting any updates you pin about on your other social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn). After that, it comes down to pairing your Pinterest presence with a local advertising campaign. Whether you’re a small business who’s looking to gain footing with potential customers in your area, or you’re a larger company who’s opening a new location in a new city, there are local marketing agencies out there who can help you get take the world by storm.

With access to 117 major market radio stations in 26 cities nationwide, 29 owned and operated CBS Television stations, and 26 different branches of the digital powerhouse that is CBS Local Digital, CBS Altitude Group has resources like no other agency out there, and with that kind of power on your side, defining your brand will be easier than you even imagined.


Andrew Jones is a professional web developer and online marketing specialist.

When not working on website optimization, he can be found riding his motorcycle.



The Social Media Posting Formula

It’s Monday morning and the first thing on your list for the day is setting up your social media posting for the week. You sit there and stare at the screen, not sure where to go next. What should I share? Where do I get it from? Should I promote our new blog posts? How often should I promote our own content? Should I promote our new product? How often is too often to talk about us and what we offer?

These are all great questions – that require an answer and it boils down to this – what’s the optimal social media posting formula that blends personal promotion with educating your target audience and attracting new prospects? The infographic below gives you a posting formula you can not only easily follow, but you can plan in advance with the 6-3-1 approach.

I do want to give credit where credit is due as this was inspired by a post on Wayne Breitbarth’s site about LinkedIn tips and Tricks – Power Formula. Click here to read his original article.

If you would like to use this graphic yourself and share it with your target audience, please use the code below:

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Get More Mileage From Your Social Media Content Creation

social media content creationOne of the types of content that you need to create in your content marketing endeavors is social media content. Social media content is any content that you will use for purposes of promoting on social media. It might be a blurb that goes with a link to a video or blog post, or it might be an infographic or meme to help you get a point or two across. Social media content creation is an important part of every business’s marketing strategy. Here are 8 tips that can maximize your time and impact.

8 Social Media Content Creation Tips

Plan Ahead – Most people seem to totally forget to plan ahead regarding social media content. This is a mistake. If you create a blog post, for example, then you should create a tweet, a Facebook post, and other blurbs for whatever social media network that you plan to share the information on.

Add the Content to Your Calendar – Include social media content on your editorial calendar. If you know that in August you’re going to promote a great new product or service, then you should also be planning for social media content to use in that promotion – both leading up to the launch and during the launch.

Create Images for Social Media – Remember that images are a form of content, and that you need to create images for social media sharing. Images are more likely to be shared than text and are an important part of your marketing actions on social media. Using a variety of images as content, like infographics and memes, will increase shares and engagement.

Outsource It – You can use your content calendar to get help creating social media content with experts. These experts can help you create infographics, memes and a with a copywriting expert they can also help you craft just the right words to use for a blurb supporting your other promotions, products and services.

Share More Than Once – It’s important that you promote the content that you create and that you do it more than once. People do not check their entire social media stream, so sharing the same content with new blurbs and a new spin on the information several times will increase the view rate exponentially.

Conduct A/B Testing – Also called split testing, you want to see what times, headlines, and topics get more attention than others. As you collect this data, you’ll soon know exactly what time is best to share any updates with your social media followers.

Target Each Audience – Each social media network has its own personality, and the portion of your audience that follows you and engages with you on each network is usually slightly different. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that the content you create for each network is exclusive to that network.

Create Content Often – With social media you need to have content for every day of the week, and share it more than once per day. This can seem like a lot of content to create, but it all stems from the basic message you want to get across to your audience based on your promotions.

Social media content creation will be a large part of your content program. It will help ensure that the products, services and information that you need to communicate to your audience gets the attention it needs. If you have any other suggestions, please add them in the comments section below.

Nine Ways to Create Buzz about Your Business

create buzzCreating buzz about your business means that you do something to get people talking about you and your business. Today, creating buzz about your business is important, especially as there are so many people to compete with. But, if you can set yourself apart in this way, you’ll win a lot of new customers.

Here are nine ways to create buzz about your business!

1. Send Out a Press Release – Press releases are still viable and important ways to get buzz about your business, even in this day of social media and blogging. Press releases should be sent out to your contacts every time you have something newsworthy to share.

2. Create and Share an Infographic – Infographics are long, pictorial graphics that tell a story about the data and information that you have. These are great ways to encourage sharing, especially if you include data that is relevant for your audience that they’ll enjoy.

3. Release a Free eBook on Kindle – Having a book launch with a free Kindle book is a great way to create buzz. Ask the people who download the book free to give you a review and feedback, which will help move your book up on the list that Kindle recommends to people.

4. Create Viral Videos – While you might not be able to just willfully create a viral video, if you create regular videos that are of interest to your audience then one of them is bound to resonate enough to go viral. Videos get shared more often than text, so you’re off to the right start when you create videos.

5. Conduct a Facebook Contest – Contests are great way to create buzz about your business. You can have them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, your blog… however you want. Just follow the rules of the platform and make sure your prizes are relevant to your audience.

6. Conduct a Blog Tour – A blog tour is where you plan to place a guest post that is original to the place where you put it, and which is about something you’re promoting. The way to set that up is to contact people to join the tour and allow you to post your information on their blog.

7. Host a Webinar or Teleseminar – These are great ways to build your email list and get buzz about your business. A good way to do it is to ask other people to do them with you. That way you all promote to your own email lists too.

8. Start a YouTube Channel – A YouTube channel can be almost as good as having a television show if you plan out the content you want to do, post content on a consistent basis, and try to be as professional as possible.

9. Connect to a Charity – You don’t want to do charitable things just because you want to create buzz. But, if there is a charity that you like, you can donate a percentage of proceeds all the time to it, or you can have yearly sales where all proceeds go to the fundraiser.

If you want to create buzz about your business use the ideas above and use social media to drive attention to what you are doing. Try these different ways and see what reactions you get. Keep doing new things as often as you can to keep the buzz going.

21 Social Media Marketing Tips [Infographic]

Businesses define social media marketing in many different ways, some see it as an extension of offline and online advertising, while others use social media as a way to interact with current customers, but no matter how your business uses social media, there is one thing you should remember: social media is a place to be social.

If your business has a presence on social media, but is not actively communicating with consumers, you could be missing out on reaching potential customers and boosting customer loyalty with those who already follow you on social media. This infographic illustrates 21 social media marketing tips your business should remember in order to get the most out of your social media efforts, and give the most to your fans and followers.

So, how does your business measure up when it comes to social media marketing? Let us know in the comments below!

Social Media Marketing Tips

Source: Social Metrics

Book Recommendation – The Ultimate Social Media Planner

The Ultimate Social Media PlannerThe Ultimate Social Media Planner System

Are you a business owner who wants to make the most of social media but doesn’t know where you will find the time? Most big businesses are heavy into social media and have someone who handles that specifically. But what if you are the small business owner or an online business owner and workforce of one? How can you manage 5, 10, 15 or more social media pages each week and still leave time for other business pursuits? If this sounds like you, then “The Ultimate Social Media Planner” is the life preserver you’ve been looking for.

Learn from another business owner who struggled just like you before she developed this system. Now, instead of dreading your next round of posts to your social media pages, learn how to get organized from day one. Stay consistent with your posting, spend time responding to posts and interacting with your followers instead of putting out the proverbial fires all the time. The system includes spreadsheets that show you how to organize your postings and also instructions for bulk uploading if you use HootSuite or PostPlanner. There are video tutorials that cover various aspects of using the system along with the actual planner action book and access to her private Facebook group for more support. You can manage social media pages with ease with the content and organizational tools you will get with The Social Media Planner System.

The Ultimate Social Media Planner – order here.

Untold Secrets of Social Media Marketing

One of the foundational elements of any good marketing plan is to stand out from your competitors in the marketplace. It’s no different when it comes to your social media marketing plan, in fact it may be even more important to stand out in a sea of social messages that crash over us on a daily basis. In this infographic, you will find 10 creative ideas to get your social media marketing outside of the everyday, ho-hum existence you may be in today.

10 Creative Secrets for Social Media Marketing

10 creative secrets of social media marketing

Infographic courtesy of Social Metrics

How to Write Social Media Posts That People Respond To

Social Media PostsPosts are what keep your social media active and your audience engaged. However, it’s imperative that you have a strategy so that you can get the most out of your social media interactions. For the most part, your social media strategy should involve building your email list or sending them to your website so that they can become customers.

8 Tips to Write Social Media Posts that get Responses

1. Understand Your Customers – You need to know who your target audience is so that you can recognize what type of posts will get more traction with them. For example, some audience members will be insulted by certain types of comedy. Others will respond very well to it. Know who they are so that your posts can be targeted.

2. Watch Your Competition – It’s always a good idea to check out what your competition is doing in regard to social media posts. Don’t just copy what they are doing. Instead, observe whether or not the competition is getting a result or not from their actions, and note how you can do it better or differently.

3. Know the Goal of the Post – What action do you want your customers to take when they read the post? Do you want them to click through to read more? Do you want them to like, follow and share? You need to be clear about what you want them to do in order to get action.

4. Add a Relevant Image – People respond best to relevant images on social media. You can make memes and infographic using free software like for your social media posts. A nice image, watermarked with a relevant quote will do wonders.

5. Write a Blurb that Gets Attention – When you share a meme or a blog post or other type of post on social media write a blurb about it, and what you want your readers to do about it.

6. Link to the Rest of the Story – Don’t just post most of your updates without linking to the rest of the blog post, more information about the meme, a newsletter sign up, or your website.

7. Ask Your Audience to Share – Never forget to ask your audience to share your posts. You can also invite them to take memes and infographics off your website to share. Just set up a new page that lists all the watermarked images that your audience can share.

8. Respond to Comments – Don’t just ignore the interaction that is happening on your social media pages. Always respond, and add comments to the discussion. Answer questions, and be kind. Even if someone is rude, don’t respond rudely. If you have to, delete the rude comment and let it go.

Writing social media posts that get a discussion going and inspire people to share and interact is an art. You’ll need to try different tactics to see what works with your particular audience. But, be sure to always have a call to action on the post so that your audience knows what to do. Remember that your goal is to get them on your email list so that you can market to them on an ongoing basis.

Find New Followers – [Strategix Video Tip]

Take a look at today’s tip to find out about a couple of ways yuo can drive new followers to your social platforms. They are not hard or complicated, they just take a bit of planning in advance.