Podcast Episode 005: Holiday Marketing Strategies

The holiday’s can be a tough time to market your business, because people are busy and because some types of businesses don’t see it as relevant to their model – especially service industries. In this episode of the Good Onya Marketing Podcast, we talk about 5 ways to integrate some “holiday spirit” into your marketing efforts.

Here are a few of the things I talked about on the episode:

Digital Marketer’s Black Friday Bootcamp site

Here’s the JibJab video I made last year!

Episode 004: What Email Campaign Types Should I Be Sending?

You know you should be sending out certain types of emails, but which ones should definitely be on your list?

In today’s episode we explore 3 types of email campaigns you need to be sending:

  1. The Welcome Email
  2. The Straight-On Promo Email
  3. The Invitation Email

You’ll find out when you should be using these emails and exactly what should be included in them as well. Please share your comments and feedback in the comments section below.

003: How do I educate my prospects?

This is a frequently asked question – as most people are so used to selling that they have no idea how to educate their prospects and customers. In this episode I take you through 3 types of content you need to be using in your content strategy to build awareness, trust and ultimately variety into how you educate your prospects.

Here’s the link to the blog post I mentioned in the episode:

002: The Essentials of Marketing

On this episode we explore the 5 essentials every business should have in a solid marketing plan. Do you have them in your marketing plan?

  1. Identify your ideal client
  2. Attract them to your main marketing portal – your website
  3. Educate with great content
  4. Nurture the relationship
  5. Measure what’s working and what is not – then adjust accordingly.

001: My Why!

Listen to my first episode to find out why I am doing this podcast, what I am passionate about, and a little more about me.

Here’s the commercial I talk about in the podcast (https://youtu.be/UAroAL3lJaE).