There’s an App for That! Creating Business Apps

business appCreating a mobile business app can help you increase brand awareness, help your customers solve a problem, and much more. Mobile apps can be created easily today with online software, as well as by hiring a coder from a job website. There are many reasons why creating a mobile business app is something you should do.

Why is a Business App Important?

Mobile Is Here To Stay – There is no turning back now from the fact that we are a mobile society which uses mobile technology. Your customers are viewing your website online with their mobile devices, and they are using their mobile devices every single day. By creating a mobile app you stay at top of mind with your customers.

You Can Market On the Go – Since your customers keep their mobile devices right near them, it’s a great time to use your app to reinforce your brand in the mind of your customers. If they use your app on a daily basis, all the better. For example, a calorie counting app for dieters, a daily motivational quote app for life coaches, and other ways to stay in touch daily will help them to become even more familiar with you.

It Allows On-the-Go Purchasing – If you create an app that also encourages and allows in-app purchases, you can improve your sales exponentially. Giving them the ability to buy things within the app keeps them with you even longer.

Apps Offer Better Customer Care – Having a mobile business app can give you the opportunity to provide even better customer service to your clients than before. If they can see your FAQ and see dedicated information for them within the app, they’ll be even more loyal to you.  Convenience goes a long way with customer service.

They Capture Information – With a mobile app, you’ll be able to capture more consumer information and preferences than ever before. People are more likely to provide information this way than they are in other ways. Ensure that your user can opt-in and opt-out of sharing data like that, though, because you don’t want to do anything other than improve their experience.

Apps Increase Engagement – Having access to your customers with a mobile app gives you the unprecedented ability to connect with them in a new way just when they need you. Whether they’re in their car or sitting on their couch, you have access to them and can encourage them to engage with you literally at any time, anywhere they are.

They Attract a Younger Audience – While older people use mobile devices too, younger people are using them almost exclusively over desktop technology. Therefore, if you want to keep up with this generation today and tomorrow as they age, you’ll need to stay on the cutting edge of mobile technology.

They’re Easy to Create – You can use software like to build your app in minutes, relatively inexpensively, or you can hire a coder using one of the job sites like There is no reason to avoid creating one, as the cost to entry is relatively low today.

Creating an iPhone or Android app can affect your business in a positive way, increase brand awareness, improve customer engagement, and bring your business into the modern age.  The sooner you do it, the sooner your business will grow.

Best Data Analysis Tools for Your Website

data analysis toolGathering data from your website is not just busy work. Using a data analysis tool can help you do the important work that you need to do in order to ensure that you’re bringing in the most targeted traffic to your website. Studying the information you gather by using the metrics tools available to you will help your business find more clients and be successful.  The choices can be overwhelming, so make sure that what you choose makes sense for your particular needs.

Data Analysis Tools You Should Consider – If you’re serious about search marketing and want to boost your visibility online, you can use all the SEO tools they offer at You can use their pro, local, or content version to help you not only learn valuable information but also to understand what to do with that information once you have it. – This data analysis tool allows you to see your competitors’ best keywords, find new competitors, and see how domains change in ranking over time based on their activity. Finding the best SEO keywords will help you rank higher, and will bring more targeted customers to your website. – This tool allows you to take raw data, an address list, and other information and turn it into an informative Google Map that will help you make vital decisions about sales and marketing. It’s cloud-based and works quickly to give you the kind of actionable information that you need.

Google Analytics – This is tried and true analytics software that has been around for a long time, but you should still use it. It can be used for all sorts of analytics, even if you don’t use AdWords or run Google Ads. Since it’s free, and anyone who has a Google account can use it, why not? – This data analysis tool works with Google to help you make more sense out of your Google Analytics. It’s the “plain English” choice that helps you to deliver the very best results to your customers in an insightful way. – This cloud-based software helps you look into which keywords are getting the most traction and helping you earn the most money. You can also get a detailed list of keywords that any website uses so that you can track your competition.

Practicing well-planned analytics will help you set expectations for what to expect in the future, as well as how to make what you want to happen come true. You can do that by:

1. Determining objectives
2. Studying customer experience
3. Conducting a traffic study
4. Determining visitor loyalty
5. Figuring out conversion rates
6. Fixing broken links
7. Upgrading landing pages
8. Defining your goals and values
9. Creating a funnel
10. Testing and repeating

Good data analysis tools and site data software will help you do all of the above and more. Without being able to look at all your metrics, you won’t be able to define any of the above. But with the information these tools can give you, you can tweak how you do things and improve upon it until you get the results you want for your website.

Essential Social Media Marketing Tools

social media marketing toolsWhether you want to do it yourself or you want to hire a marketing management company, it’s vital to find a way to manage your social media marketing. Social media will become more important than ever as online marketing becomes more interactive than ever before. It’s all about engagement and finding out as much as you can about your audience so that you can offer them what they need and want.  There are many tools available to help you with many of the tasks involved with social media marketing.  Here are a few of those:

Social Media Marketing Tools You Should Be Using


Sometimes it helps to have a way to manage all your social media networks in one place. You can do that with Sprout Social, SumAll,, and others to help you get more organized with your social media.


If your budget is limited, a simple, fast, and affordable option for monitoring your social media is Trackur. You probably track your brand name using Google Alerts, as well as names of movers and shakers in your industry. It’s imperative to follow industry influencers and more.


Using software like Sprout Social will enable you to monitor, respond, and collaborate more easily than having to sign into each account on your own. There is no reason to sign on to each account individually; instead you can use this software to help you streamline your social media activity and save valuable time.


It’s important to use smart automation when it’s possible. Each social media tool has its own types of automation apps, like Hootsuite, which works with several social media networks. Another option is BoardBooster, which works with Pinterest and many others like Buffer, which enable you to reschedule posts on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to ensure that it’s been seen. However, be very careful with too much automation or scheduling too much, as it can be overwhelming and ineffective when that happens.


One of the most important things you can do to ensure your success is to analyze the results of not only your actions, but also the actions of your competitors. A really interesting tool to take a look at is Rival IQ. This service helps you monitor both your competition as well as your own social media activities.


If you gain even more insight about the personality of your audience, you’ll consequently be able to even target your competitor’s audiences as well in addition to understanding your own audience better. What do they think of you? What do they think of your products and services? You can get this information using SocialBro software to enable Twitter for business.

Social media allows you to be very close to your target market, even getting insight into your audience’s problems and fears almost immediately. What’s more, social media gives you the opportunity to provide solutions to your audience quickly. With proper social media marketing tools, you’ll be able to hit the ground running and effectively deliver, monitor and evaluate your social media marketing efforts.

Essential Real-Time Marketing Tools for 2016

As popular as real time marketing tools have been in 2015, they’re ready to explode into new popularity for 2016. The reason is that technology and high speed internet have made it possible to easily conduct streaming chats, share images, and do much more. If you’re not using any of these tools in your business yet, the time has come. It’s absolutely imperative for the health of your business that you stay current with what your audience is using. If it’s difficult for you to come out from behind your computer and let the world see the real you, but it’s obvious who takes the courageous step to do it…because those are the businesses that come out ahead of the rest.

Real Time Marketing Tools You Should Be Using

1. Snapchat – This messaging app allows you to share photos or videos with a caption, doodle, or special lenses, and it can be an effective way to share out your story to all your followers. It is an amazingly innovative and fun application through which you share directly with friends. What is unique about this approach is that your audience will only see it for ten seconds, and then it disappears. This is an app that you perhaps never thought useful for buness, but there are actually many ways to use this for business if you give it some thought and use a little imagination. For ideas on exactly how to use this for your business, take a look at these suggestions from The Social Media Examiner.

2. – This live streaming app is owned by Twitter, but it can be hard to use due to all the different functions it has. You can send out live video via your mobile device anytime you want to from anywhere, and then have feeds live on Twitter. Those with the Periscope app can also join via their mobile devices. It’s a very interactive and fun way to promote your business. Unsure on how to use this? Learn how at my Strategix School of Marketing at


3. – This app runs online via your computer and has a couple mobile apps out. While comparable to Periscope, it has fewer features and is meant for conducting live radio-like events. You can record your blabs and use the recordings later in a replay, or you can upload to YouTube or even various podcasting apps as audio only files.

4. – This messaging app is interesting in how it works, because you can send messages with images that have selective portions blurred out so that only those who are listed can view the images in full. You can then create group stories using live shots or photos, and add your story to the library. It can also be interactive in that friends can upload different clips to add to the story.

5. – This mobile app enables you to send out live video broadcasts using your mobile device. Both your Facebook and Twitter accounts can be connected to Meerkatapp so that you can stream live to all your followers.

6. Google Hangout – This live streaming broadcast app from Google is an amazing way to market your business. You can host full webinars using Google Hangouts along with various plugins and apps. It truly does meet the criteria of being a “real time marketing tool”.

These six real-time marketing tools have a lot of applications for making your business better than ever in 2016. You just need to know how to use them right for the best results. The best way to get started is just to jump in and try out different tools, find one that you like the most, and stick with it. Make sure you establish a consistent brand and most of all, be yourself. Your audience wants to know who YOU are, and these tools are a great way to do that. There are lots of tutorials and courses out there to learn to use these tools, so there is nothing stopping you! Jump in and let these tools help your business grow!