Book Review – Effective Multitasking

Effective Multitasking 7 Habits to Boost your Effectiveness

Let’s begin by saying that multitasking as you think of it right now is a myth. Doing several things at once leads to several things still left undone because nothing truly get accomplished, not in full. When it comes to multitasking the best way to accomplish it is to conduct your tasks in such a way that it appears you are working on more than one thing at once. The difference is that you will actually complete and cross items off of your list. It’s all here in “Effective Multitasking: 7 Habits to Boost your Effectiveness.”

With so much to do, business owners are crushed under the weight of their obligations especially small business owners. When you have email, blog posts, content creation, client conferences, networking and more to accomplish, dealing with all of this every day can leave you worn, stressed and still behind the eight ball. Discover 7 habits that can make multitasking work for you in the best way possible. They include: Classifying Action, Storing Materials, Awaiting Responses, Prioritization and Total Focus, The Golden Rule of your Calendar, Task List and Weekly Cleanup and Daily Startup. The advice works for both large corporations and small businesses alike.

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