Book Recommendation – Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking

It’s one of the oldest marketing strategies there is. We are talking about word of mouth marketing. What is it exactly? Basically, your product is so hot, that everyone is talking and sharing it wherever they go. This type of marketing has some companies using a minimum of marketing effort and netting millions of dollars while others are sending thousands down the drain for a product that hasn’t quite caught on yet. Word of Mouth Marketing is written by Andy Sernovitz, a marketing guru who understands how companies make such an easy method complicated.

If you give your customers what they want, they will make money for you. The tone is easy and fun with practical advice for any size company. Discover why people spread the good word about your product, the four rules of this type of marketing, the 5 Ts of word of mouth marketing and the ideas that will revamp your marketing strategy from here on out. Learn how to build trust into your business that means better customer feedback than ever before. Since this book is in Kindle edition, you could begin changing your business in less than sixty seconds.

Word of Mouth Marketing How Smart Companies Get People Talking

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