Are You Using the “Hulk & Bulk” Strategy? [Strategix Video Tip]

You may be more than a bit curious as to what I have to say today based on the title of this weeks video tip and I will not spoil the fun. You will have to watch to find out what I mean, but if you are reading this because of the title then my message to you today is simple – how can you use creative titles to engage your audience? Really think about how to do that so you can authentically lead people to the information you have to share. Thanks for reading (and watching), I’d love for you to comment on your thoughts below .

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  1. Bob Berting
    Bob Berting says:

    Neil–there is a saying “A person hears only what they understand” I have greatly appreciated the videos that you send out each week as part of your Strategix newsletter. I never realized the power of an instructional video as opposed to the written word.Somehow the points you make by video register more clearly with me. Thanks for these very enlightening videos.


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