Are You Bringing Customers to Your Door – and Never Opening It Up to Them?

connect with prospects

Do you have customers out there who have raised their hand and want to talk with you? Have you connected with them?

Guest post by Jack Klemeyer of Grow Your Business Coaching.

Small business owners are swamped. I know that. You know that. We all know that.

And small business owners are always looking for great results and tools to get them the best value for their dollar. We can all understand that, too.

But what gets missed, not understood sometimes, is that in the end, the growth of their business falls back to them, the business owner.

Let me explain.

A business owner can hire someone to create a website, a blog, set up and post on social media, make signs and advertise. Traffic can be driven to their Facebook page and website. Inquiries can be received and special reports and free checklists can be downloaded. But if the business owner doesn’t follow up on all those calls, inquiries and reach out to the recipients of the reports and checklists, his business won’t grow.

Some might hire professionals to do all these things and they do a great job, but in the end the change to the bottom line and revenues is slim. It’s not because the efforts weren’t successful. It’s that there wasn’t a plan in place to capitalize on their success.

That’s one of the reasons that Neil at Strategix and I work together. He’s a pro at online marketing, I am a pro at helping business owners grow.

Think of it this way:

You’re going to have a dinner party. You bring in a professional chef and a world-class baker to prepare the meal. You’ve arranged for the perfect wine to pair with the meal and the best of brandy for after dinner. Everything is scheduled, flowers adorn the table, all the ingredients are delivered. The ovens are hot and the kitchen is abuzz.

Your guests arrive all spiffed up and aglow with anticipation because they have all been made aware of the treat you have promised. With smooth jazz playing in the background and candles flickering on the table, everyone takes a seat. AND WAITS. AND WAITS. Nothing comes out of the kitchen except the aromas of deliciousness.

What’s wrong?

There are no plates. No wine glasses, no serving bowls, no silverware. One missed step created a disconnect that dooms the entire event.

If you aren’t creating AND PUTTING INTO PLACE the plan to handle the successful results of your online – and offline – marketing, you are actually creating a hopeless, fruitless situation.

By all means use every resource at your disposal to market your business. Just be ready when that marketing is successful.

To Your Success,

Jack Klemeyer


jack klemeyerJack Klemeyer is the founder/owner of Grow Your Business Coaching. His success is reflected in the success of his clients. He is a certified coach and practitioner in a variety of programs including NLP, John Maxwell and DISK and Kolby. He is a popular speaker and facilitator of sales training, group coaching, and mastermind groups and roundtables. Reach him at 317-755-6963, at Jack@GYBCoaching or learn more at

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