img_3962I founded Neil Richmund Marketing, in 2010 as a solution to a common problem I saw again and again with business owners.  Too many business owners are stopped dead in their tracks when it comes to marketing because they are so overwhelmed or confused. They are hit from every direction with all kinds of marketing advice and options – email marketing, social media, print advertising, public relations, online advertising, community involvement…the list goes on and on. Over and over again I heard concerns like:

“With all of the marketing options available today, where do I start?”

“I know what I need to do, but how do I make it all happen?”

“How do I find the time to create content and push it out to prospects?”

“I am putting effort into marketing, so why am I still not showing up in online searches?”

“How do I know my strategy is working?”

“Am I reaching the right target audience?”

Does any of this sound familiar to you?  You’re not alone.  It’s a common problem among business owners, especially the ones who spend all of their time providing the highest quality products or services to clients and have little or no time left to devote to marketing.  

Being the problem solver I naturally am, I set out to learn everything that is out there to solve these common problems and help these businesses owners.  And, as it turns out, the solutions are easier than you think.  I have helped everything from the one-person business to multi-million dollar businesses with hundreds of employees to provide the marketing strategy and the implementation process that has helped them to grow.

So what can I do for you? I can provide solutions for your marketing frustrations.  I design marketing strategies that leverage the power of technology to simplify your marketing efforts, and give you back precious hours of time in your workday.  When you have a sound marketing system with simple, time-saving solutions for your processes, it will enable you to reach your business goals.  Marketing companies are everywhere, but we take the confusion away and puts a solid strategy in place, custom fit to your unique business.

How did I get here?

I have a diverse background, which has afforded me the opportunity to understand and help people from all walks of life.  You’ll notice that I have a uniquely blended accent when we talk, because I grew up in Australia, but I have lived here in the US for the last 26 years.  My signature Aussie-American accent makes me immediately identifiable to people who have met me.  

My WHY is to help you generate more incoming leads using digital marketing strategies

I began my career as an ordained pastor, and a chaplain at Christian schools across the US, in such places as Ohio, Wisconsin, Los Angeles, and now here in Indiana, where I call home.  I set out to realize my dream of becoming an entrepreneur for the first time in 2009, where I began researching everything I could learn about marketing for my own business.  I soon found that the purpose for my business was to help other business owners.  I had a gift for knowing how to help business owners grow their businesses and understand the often confusing and overwhelming world of marketing and the technology available to implement those marketing strategies.

My marketing research yielded so many good solutions that I began helping more than just small businesses, as I branched into marketing for large multi-million dollar businesses, but the purpose was the same.  Find the marketing strategy that fits best for that business, provide actionable steps to implement that strategy in an efficient way, and measure the results.  Following those simple steps has allowed me to help businesses from the small storefronts to industrial manufacturing companies to real estate to healthcare industry all grow their businesses exponentially and get them found and noticed.  In essence create many more opportunities for growth.

So, who exactly is Neil Richmund?

If you’re like me, then character counts as much as competence when doing business with someone. I operate my business with honesty, integrity, and fairness.  I genuinely want to help businesses, because I feel it is my purpose.  My WHY is to help you generate more incoming leads using digital marketing strategies, and to make a positive impact on the business world.  

dsc_8593I recently married my wife Amy in November 2015, and we have three teenagers between us, so needless to say we have a very busy family life as well.  Amy is a teacher of Adult Education and she is passionate about making a difference in helping others as well.  We are both highly active in our church and serve in a variety of roles there.  You can even catch my monthly scripture lessons on YouTube!

I am passionate about my business and helping other businesses to grow, but my faith and my family come first, and I encourage other business owners not to compromise those values for the sake of business.  There is a way to have a great personal life and work life, and maintain a healthy balance – a solid marketing plan can help you achieve that.  You can succeed in business and in life just by following a few simple steps in your work week.  Let me help you get there!

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