3 Ways to Manage Your Reputation on Social Media

social media reputation management

3 Ways to Manage Your Reputation on Social Media. Photo courtesy of DigitalRalph(CC Attribution)

Social media has changed how customers communicate with brands and how they voice their complaints. Countless customers do not bother calling customer complain lines, instead, they will go to social media or their blog to document their experiences.

When companies do not monitor these social mentions, they run the risk of having these negative events and experiences define their online reputation. They will also be viewed as an aloof brand do who does not care about their customers. Fortunately, it is possible for organizations to address both complaints and compliments, improving customer engagement and satisfaction. Here are three ways you can manage your reputation on social media:

Monitor social mentions continuously

Successful reputation management is dependent upon knowing when customers are speaking about the brand. With social media, customers have become accustomed to receiving instant responses to their requests and questions. Failure to address customers in a prompt manner can result in a negative impression from all customers who see the communication. Various tools, such as SocialMention and Google Alerts, make it possible for companies to continually watch for their brand. When customers mention the company on everything from blogs to Facebook pages, the organization will now see it quickly.

Do not engage with arguments online

Everything that is said and posted online stays online forever for anyone to see. Do not engage in arguments with customers, even if they have been completely mistaken or dishonest. While it might feel nice to have the opportunity to tell a customer exactly why they are wrong, it can damage reputations and can never be taken back. Fight the urge to engage the customer in an argument and instead always speak in a way that matches the brand’s customer service policy.

Seek to address and resolve complaints courteously

It is common for disgruntled customers to take to social media to voice their frustrations. If this happens to a particular brand, the organization needs to remember that this is a public exchange that has the capacity to enhance or hurt the company reputation. Address the customer politely and seek to resolve their dispute. This can be done with refunds, discounts, accepting returns, or any similar action that would satisfy the customer and is inline with the brand’s policy. Not only will the company be making this one customer satisfied, they will also improve their reputation in the eyes of every potential customer who views the exchange.

The power and prevalence of social media means that companies must manage their online reputations to control their brand. Keep these three tips in mind and the organization should develop a solid social media reputation.

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