The Social Media Posting Formula

It’s Monday morning and the first thing on your list for the day is setting up your social media posting for the week. You sit there and stare at the screen, not sure where to go next. What should I share? Where do I get it from? Should I promote our new blog posts? How often should I promote our own content? Should I promote our new product? How often is too often to talk about us and what we offer?

These are all great questions – that require an answer and it boils down to this – what’s the optimal social media posting formula that blends personal promotion with educating your target audience and attracting new prospects? The infographic below gives you a posting formula you can not only easily follow, but you can plan in advance with the 6-3-1 approach.

I do want to give credit where credit is due as this was inspired by a post on Wayne Breitbarth’s site about LinkedIn tips and Tricks – Power Formula. Click here to read his original article.

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Tools to Make Video Marketing Work for You!

Finding tools to help make video marketing easier is important. Making videos can be time-consuming, but the payoff is incredible. Video is shared more often than text, and you can turn almost anything you have previously written into a video to share and market to your audience with just a little thought and effort.

Magisto – This is a free video editor that you can use with Chrome. You use it by adding photos and videos and then setting the time drag and dropping your files to create a video with royalty free music to use for your projects. This is only for adding pictures that are turned into a slide show with copy on them.

WeVideo – This cloud-based solution allows you to use its powerful tools to edit your videos and make them look really professional. They also have a lot of training available to help you create more professional videos.

Viewbix – If you have three to five minutes, you can create interactive videos out of your videos. Interaction is a great way to help market your products and services as well as make your videos more interesting to watch.

Camtasia – This is one of the most popular and most often used video editing software. You can produce, edit and upload your videos easily to any network in any format. You can add cool features like clickable links, and you can also add great transitions, voice-overs and more.

YouTube Editor – This tool cannot go unmentioned because it’s from YouTube. It’s also free. It has some good features, although they are not as advanced as some of the others platforms that you can use. But, you can do a good job with this tool.

VideoScribe – You’ve seen the explainer videos, and you’ve likely seen how expensive they are. This is a little bit of a downgraded version of explainer videos, but it will get the job done while you start out marketing your videos, and for the right price.

Magnet Video – You can create wonderful landing pages, professionally-themed videos, and produce very professional videos to use for marketing your business. This tool even includes content curation tools. You really have to try it to understand all the things this tool does for your video marketing.

Your Blog – Always post your videos to your blog after you’ve uploaded them to any video hosting solution. This will make it easier for you to promote the videos to your audience, by making it simple to click a few buttons to share it to social media and your email list.

Social Networks – Remember to market your videos to all your social networks and ask at the end of each video for your viewers to like, follow, share and comment on the videos so that you can get more people to see them.

Choosing some of these tools to help make marking your videos easier, will (after some consistent work) make your videos catch fire with your audience – building momentum over time until you are as successful as you want to be with your video marketing efforts. How will you put at least one of these ideas to work for your business? Share your answer below.

Get More Mileage From Your Social Media Content Creation

social media content creationOne of the types of content that you need to create in your content marketing endeavors is social media content. Social media content is any content that you will use for purposes of promoting on social media. It might be a blurb that goes with a link to a video or blog post, or it might be an infographic or meme to help you get a point or two across. Social media content creation is an important part of every business’s marketing strategy. Here are 8 tips that can maximize your time and impact.

8 Social Media Content Creation Tips

Plan Ahead – Most people seem to totally forget to plan ahead regarding social media content. This is a mistake. If you create a blog post, for example, then you should create a tweet, a Facebook post, and other blurbs for whatever social media network that you plan to share the information on.

Add the Content to Your Calendar – Include social media content on your editorial calendar. If you know that in August you’re going to promote a great new product or service, then you should also be planning for social media content to use in that promotion – both leading up to the launch and during the launch.

Create Images for Social Media – Remember that images are a form of content, and that you need to create images for social media sharing. Images are more likely to be shared than text and are an important part of your marketing actions on social media. Using a variety of images as content, like infographics and memes, will increase shares and engagement.

Outsource It – You can use your content calendar to get help creating social media content with experts. These experts can help you create infographics, memes and a with a copywriting expert they can also help you craft just the right words to use for a blurb supporting your other promotions, products and services.

Share More Than Once – It’s important that you promote the content that you create and that you do it more than once. People do not check their entire social media stream, so sharing the same content with new blurbs and a new spin on the information several times will increase the view rate exponentially.

Conduct A/B Testing – Also called split testing, you want to see what times, headlines, and topics get more attention than others. As you collect this data, you’ll soon know exactly what time is best to share any updates with your social media followers.

Target Each Audience – Each social media network has its own personality, and the portion of your audience that follows you and engages with you on each network is usually slightly different. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that the content you create for each network is exclusive to that network.

Create Content Often – With social media you need to have content for every day of the week, and share it more than once per day. This can seem like a lot of content to create, but it all stems from the basic message you want to get across to your audience based on your promotions.

Social media content creation will be a large part of your content program. It will help ensure that the products, services and information that you need to communicate to your audience gets the attention it needs. If you have any other suggestions, please add them in the comments section below.

Must Have WordPress Plugins [Infographic]

There are many reasons you should adopt WordPress as your content management system, at the top of that list of reasons would be having access to thousands of plugins that can be cost-effective solutions for your business. Plugins can enhance your site’s functionality and enhance your visitors experience on it.  Hopefully this infographic can quickly help you identify the best solutions for your site and shortcut your time invested in finding a solution.


Must Have WordPress Plugins

 Must have plugins for WordPress by WP Solver

Are You Bringing Customers to Your Door – and Never Opening It Up to Them?

connect with prospects

Do you have customers out there who have raised their hand and want to talk with you? Have you connected with them?

Guest post by Jack Klemeyer of Grow Your Business Coaching.

Small business owners are swamped. I know that. You know that. We all know that.

And small business owners are always looking for great results and tools to get them the best value for their dollar. We can all understand that, too.

But what gets missed, not understood sometimes, is that in the end, the growth of their business falls back to them, the business owner.

Let me explain.

A business owner can hire someone to create a website, a blog, set up and post on social media, make signs and advertise. Traffic can be driven to their Facebook page and website. Inquiries can be received and special reports and free checklists can be downloaded. But if the business owner doesn’t follow up on all those calls, inquiries and reach out to the recipients of the reports and checklists, his business won’t grow.

Some might hire professionals to do all these things and they do a great job, but in the end the change to the bottom line and revenues is slim. It’s not because the efforts weren’t successful. It’s that there wasn’t a plan in place to capitalize on their success.

That’s one of the reasons that Neil at Strategix and I work together. He’s a pro at online marketing, I am a pro at helping business owners grow.

Think of it this way:

You’re going to have a dinner party. You bring in a professional chef and a world-class baker to prepare the meal. You’ve arranged for the perfect wine to pair with the meal and the best of brandy for after dinner. Everything is scheduled, flowers adorn the table, all the ingredients are delivered. The ovens are hot and the kitchen is abuzz.

Your guests arrive all spiffed up and aglow with anticipation because they have all been made aware of the treat you have promised. With smooth jazz playing in the background and candles flickering on the table, everyone takes a seat. AND WAITS. AND WAITS. Nothing comes out of the kitchen except the aromas of deliciousness.

What’s wrong?

There are no plates. No wine glasses, no serving bowls, no silverware. One missed step created a disconnect that dooms the entire event.

If you aren’t creating AND PUTTING INTO PLACE the plan to handle the successful results of your online – and offline – marketing, you are actually creating a hopeless, fruitless situation.

By all means use every resource at your disposal to market your business. Just be ready when that marketing is successful.

To Your Success,

Jack Klemeyer


jack klemeyerJack Klemeyer is the founder/owner of Grow Your Business Coaching. His success is reflected in the success of his clients. He is a certified coach and practitioner in a variety of programs including NLP, John Maxwell and DISK and Kolby. He is a popular speaker and facilitator of sales training, group coaching, and mastermind groups and roundtables. Reach him at 317-755-6963, at Jack@GYBCoaching or learn more at

How to Promote Your Blog Posts, Proudly!

promote your blog posts

Publishing content these days isn’t enough. There is no such thing as “build it and they will come.” In fact, if you really want a successful blog, you’re going to have to spend time promoting each piece of content that you create. There are several ways to promote your blog posts and for best results, be sure to try all of them.

8 Strategies to Promote Your Blog Posts

1. Write Awesome Blog Posts – When the content you create is awesome, you’re going to be much more likely to want to promote it. Work on each blog post to make it the best that you can. These days, in-depth authoritative content is more important and “Google worthy” than shorter “keyword” blog posts.

2. Don’t Leave SEO Out – While the most important part of the blog post is the content, you should still concern yourself with using keywords properly and naturally. Do keyword research occasionally to find out which keywords you should be using. Remember to look for low-competition keywords for best results.

3. Include Relevant Images – They say an image is worth 1000 words, and that’s likely very true. Therefore, include relevant images in your blog posts that help advance your meaning and purpose of your blog.

4. Build Relationships – Believe it or not, part of your blog’s mission is to build relationships with your audience. Ask questions at the end of each blog post, give them something fun to do, ask them to share something with you, or conduct a poll. Find ways to build your relationship with your audience.

5. Build an Email List – One of the most effective forms of marketing is email marketing, and bloggers should build email lists too. When you have an email list it’s a good way to inform regular readers about your new blog posts, promotions and events.

6. Be Courteous – A really good way to promote your blog posts is to promote other people’s blog posts too. When you share other people’s content, they will return the favor and share yours too.

7. Use Social Media – Create varied blurbs introducing your new blog post for different social media accounts to help them click through to read the blog post. A good way to do that is not to finish your sentence in the blurb; instead put dots to get them to read more.

8. Know Your Audience – It may sound like old news but it’s very important that you know your target audience, including where they hang out, what they like to do, and when. That way you’ll know where to promote your posts for maximum impact.

If you’ve taken the time to create your blog posts, you need to take the time to promote them. Using these strategies you can find new readers and ultimately grow your following, which potentially should lead to growing your business.

Book Review – Community Wins: 21 Thoughts on Building a Thriving Online Tribe

Community Wins: 21 Thoughts on Building a Thriving Online Tribe

Online communities are places where we can create a sphere of influence for ourselves. We can cultivate an online presence that others will want to flock to. It seems like a daunting thought, but author Bryan Allain shows you just how to do that. He has successfully designed online “tribes” for musicians, authors and to further his own writing career. You can do the same.

This book does not contain a formula for building a successful online community. Rather it shows you how to be the star of your own show. This is done not by believing that you are the center of the universe but showing that because you are important enough to focus on, everyone is important in the same way. These 21 thoughts are presented in sort of a workbook format so you can include your notes and thoughts for each thought provided. To build your online community, you need to be willing to be a leader of that community. In that way, you are not in the forefront but promoting others as you gain what you want for yourself. He discusses a lot about his writing career (since that is what he built his tribe around) but his thoughts will work for whatever you decide is important enough to you to warrant an online presence.

Eight Tiny Steps to Help End Procrastination

procrastinateYou can end procrastination if you set up a plan to do it. It only takes eight small steps toward success to beat it. If you keep these steps in mind before you get started on any project, you’ll be able to stop procrastination before it even gets a foothold.

End procrastination with these easy steps

1. Change Your Perception – Often when you think of the end project it can be overwhelming. It’s important to switch your perception on a project and not see it as an end product. Plus, you don’t want to let your false opinion of any one thing to cloud your judgement, whether that is that the tasks are dull, or that they’re worthless, or that you just can’t do them. You have to let all that go and try to find some excitement in doing the work.

2. Let Go of Fear – Realize that most procrastination is rooted in fear. Fear of failure, fear of success, and fear of not being good enough. Many people get so tied up in perfection that they can’t finish anything and never succeed, so that fear becomes self-perpetuating and never-ending. If you can let go of judgment and fear as you work through the tasks, you’ll be able to end procrastination.

3. Chunk Up the Project – No project is just the deliverable. All projects have steps that need to be done some in order, some together, but no project is just the end. In school, when you first started doing reports, your English teacher assigned to you different aspects of the project with due dates. You probably did the outline first, perfected the outline, worked on your topic sentences, and then each point of the report, a little bit at a time. Chunk up the work you need to do in the same way.

4. Just Get Started – You may not realize it’s that easy, but it is. Our minds change focus when we get started. It’s like that workout you don’t want to do; in the middle of it, you’re perfectly fine with it. And of course when it’s over, you’re satisfied that you did it. It’s the same with any work that you don’t want to do. Get started, and someplace in the middle you’ll feel differently.

5. Talk About It Publically – Social media is great for this. Just announce on Twitter or Facebook to your friends, or a special group, that you’re doing xyz right now and will be for the next 90 minutes. Telling people you’re doing it will help you actually do it because you don’t want to become a liar.

6. Work in Breaks – If you have a long day of tasks you don’t like doing, and you cannot outsource them, work in breaks. In fact, even if you like doing the tasks, you need to have breaks in order to be healthy. Eat right, exercise, and drink plenty of water no matter what you’re doing. It will help keep your mind clear and your body healthy.

7. Ask for Accountability – If you are having more problems, be sure to find an accountability partner. You can pay for that in a life coach, or business coach, or you can ask a trusted friend or family member to help you break your pattern of procrastination.

8. Reward Yourself – Everyone likes to be rewarded for a job well done. Work in ways to reward yourself that are healthy. If you finish a huge project on time, get a massage or go to a good movie with your partner.

Procrastination doesn’t have to beat you. You can control the desire to put off things by just taking small steps each day to end procrastination.