What are the Essential Elements
of an Effective Homepage?

Your homepage is probably the most visited page on your site – the majority of websites receive over 50% of their traffic through their homepage. So it is fair to assume that this is a very important page to optimize and to get your messaging absolutely spot on. It might be a bit of a mystery, but it is not that difficult to have an effective homepage if you follow the guidelines that are presented below.

effective homepage

Clear & Simple Headline

Help your visitors quickly decide if your website will solve their pain or not. Make it as clear and simple as possible, and don’t try to be clever!

Focused Call to Action

Create a focused and singular next step that connects them to a solution to their pain. Use this throughout the site.

Show Images of Success

Use images that show how your solution can change the lives of your visitors. Include images of people enjoying life, especially at the top of your homepage.

Breakdown Your Services

Simply explain the main products or services you offer. Aim for 3 to 5 and remember it doesn’t have to be an exhaustive list.

Communicate Benefits

Clearly communicate to your visitors what benefits they will receive if they choose to work with you or buy your product. Continue to be clear and concise.

Present a Simple Plan

In no more than 5 steps, explain what the process would be to start working with you or how to use your product after purchase. The key here is to dispel the mystery.

Happy Customers

Let your visitors know that there are other people just like them out there who have experienced your product or service and are happy with it.

Social Proof

Include logos of companies you have worked with or credentials you may have to help your visitors feel more confident in their choice of your solution.

Go Deeper

Include a longer explanation of how your product or service can solve your visitors’ problems and change their lives.


Include a video on your page especially designed to appeal to those who would rather watch than read. Focus on overcoming common objections.

Cost of Not Taking Action

Now it’s time to flip the script a bit. Through text or imagery, explain what life will be like if they choose not to solve their problem – with your solution.

Price Choices

If you are featuring price on your website, show a pricing table with options – people like options. Try to feature 3 options from which your visitors can choose.

Odds and Ends

We often throw too much information at people on a homepage, so this last section (the footer) is where you can put all your links and other information that didn’t need to go above.